Yup, it’s Movember. The month that’s all about raising awareness for men’s health issues. Just say yes to a Y-chromosome healthy lifestyle by adding some playful, dandy and sophisticated accents to your home (and by donating to the cause). These 22 home accents are the perfect excuse to decorate your room with some mustache-themed decor before holiday decorating takes over.

1. Vinyl Mustache Decals ($13): Vinyl decals are great because you can do anything with them. Stick them on your morning joe, on your wall or on your laptop.

2. Top Hat Mustache Monocle Wall Decals ($13): Because no ‘stache is complete without a monocle and a top hat, there’s this wall decal.

3. Multi Color Espresso Mugs and Saucers ($34): Good for offices, these espresso mugs and saucers are perfectly acceptable even after No Shave November 2014 is in the history books.

4. Black LED Metal Mustache ($50) : Geek out and add whimsy to your wall decor with this playful LED mustache.

5. Keep Calm Pilsner Glass ($10): Oh, dad!

6. His Mustache Mug ($6): If your roomie or S.O. gets territorial when it comes to his favorite mug, we’ve found a solution.

7. Whiskers Coaster Set ($5): Hair on your coffee table beats water rings on your coffee table any night of the week.

8. Whiskers Drink Charm ($5): For more ‘stachy fun, combine with mustache coasters.

9. Mustache Plastic Pint Glass Set ($20): Warning: Next time you have friends over, you all might start arguing about which glass goes to who.

10. Brass Muse Bottle Opener ($98): Here is a super high-end bottle opener to impress your crowds.

11. Mustache Temporary Wallpaper ($296): Mustache-themed accents are dominated by black and white but check out this green mustache wallpaper. It easily peels and sticks onto your wall to create an adorable accent wall.

12. Mustache Paperweight ($15): Paperweights — they live on in our paperless world.

13. Novelty Wall-Mounted Bottle Opener ($17): This wall-mounted bottle opener will steal the spotlight at your next cocktail hour.

14. Mustache Candle Holder ($39): It might be too big to fit under anyone’s nose. but it’s perfectly sized to fill an empty space in your living room.

15. Mustache Mania Pillow ($30): Colorful mustache art is one way to add some color, fun and style to your sofa.

16. Greater Than Mustache Art ($34): Math never was our strong suit, and we’re still a bit fuzzy on what this equation is trying to tell us.

17. Mr. & Mrs. Salt & Pepper Mills ($48): Just in time for Thanksgiving — a couple of conversation pieces for your Friendsgiving table.

18. Mustache Rocks Glass ($18): It only makes sense that this scotch glass is handmade in Portland, Oregon, the city know for its wacky mustache hijinks.

19. Mr. & Mrs. Place Card Holders, set of 4 ($98): Go ahead and use them for your next dinner party.

20. Mustache on Finger Pillow ($35): Remember a few years ago when everyone was tatting up their fingers with mustaches? LOL. Aren’t you glad you can just buy this pillow instead?

21. Mustache Bottle Stopper ($4): This bottle stopper makes you want to leave some wine in the bottle just so you can use it.

22. Tom Selleck Framed Art ($42): We can’t think of anybody who owns the mustache more than Tom Selleck. Put this framed art up in your room to show dedication to men’s health (and to good-looking men from yesteryear).

Which mustache-themed accents caught your attention? How do you celebrate #movember month? Tell us in the comments below.