Summer is around the corner, and that means graduation is too. Have a loved one graduating from school this year? Before you start planning your days at the beach and weekend BBQs, why not take some time choose a gift you know they’ll love based on their Myers-Briggs personality type? Here are a few suggestions to help you find a gift the grad in your life is sure to be obsessed with.


The ISTJ — which you can probably guess by the nickname logistician — is all about the facts. Highly practical and by the book, this personality type lives and breathes order and tradition. To indulge the ISTJ’s built-in need to plan ahead, choose a practical gift, like a Moleskine planner ($23) and a nice pen to go with it. (Bonus: This planner goes from July to December of the next year, meaning no page will go to waste.)


Known for being a great friend, the ISFJ is helpful, considerate, and generous — the kind of person who’s always there with a hot cup of coffee or a meal for a friend who’s having a bad day. For this personality, aim for something equally useful and hospitable. Consider a meal subscription or a coffee subscription such as the Bean Box Coffee of the Month Club ($78 for three months).


Let’s be real. Even after four years of non-stop studying, the soulful, intelligent INFJ probably isn’t tired of books. Especially the kind of books that connect to their desire to grow emotionally and relationally. Try an empowering, emotionally in-tune book like Rising Strong ($18) by Brené Brown or something by Glennon Doyle Melton for this highly intuitive personality type.


Strategy and critical thinking are a normal, even fun, part of life for the INTJ personality type. Indulge the INTJ’s knack for problem-solving (and encourage spontaneous get-togethers!) and stock their new apartment with some strategic board games, such as the crowd-pleasing Ticket to Ride ($50).


While the ISTP is practical and straight-to-the-point and would probably appreciate a useful gift, this personality also takes advantage of any opportunity to engage their five senses. Opt for a present that helps them solve household problems and indulge their senses, like an Amazon Echo Dot ($50). Alexa, anyone?


Yosemite National Park, California

Self-proclaimed experts at avoiding FOMO, ISFPs are fun-loving, spontaneous, and deep at the same time. They love to partake in any activity that allows them to “seize the moment,” and they derive a lot of pleasure from experiencing the beauty around them. For this “all-in” adventurous type, snag a pass to a local art museum or state park. (Photo via Getty)


Probably the most sentimental MBTI type, the INFP is soulful, poetic, and empathetic to the core. Rather than a straight-up, practical household gift, find something that will resonate with this personality’s desire for emotional connection and beauty in their everyday lives, like a painting such as this VictoriAtelier abstract acrylic ($45) from Etsy — or a personal watercolor set ($10) if they’re the artistic type.


A woman snuggles up with a warm blanket as she reads

Theoretical lifelong learners, the INTP is always on the hunt for a new concept to embrace. So even after this personality has a degree in hand, chances are, they’ll still be voracious for opportunities to learn and grow. Check out a book subscription such as Book of the Month ($45 for three months) for this creative, intellectual personality. (Photo via Getty)


Ambitious like no other, the ESTP personality likely has a very detailed plan for securing their ideal job or internship post-graduation. Encourage your ESTP loved one to celebrate their goal-oriented perspective with a bracelet designed to encourage women to embrace their ambition. This Tory Sport bracelet ($30) should do the trick.



Nobody’s as fun and friendly as the ESFP! Enthusiastic, charming, and probably the life of the party, the ESFP is all about making the most of finding meaning through their relationships and their senses. While this happy-go-lucky personality would likely appreciate anything, go for a social and experience-based gift, like concert tickets for their favorite artist. (Photo via Getty)


A backpacker crosses the street in a busy city

ENFPs capture the best of both worlds: Though they’re highly social and enthusiastic, they’re also attracted to depth and meaning. Chances are, as soon as they get their diploma in hand, the ENFP is plotting a road trip or vacation to celebrate. For this outgoing, adventurous spirit, get an Airbnb gift card — sure to satisfy the ENFP’s wanderlust. (Photo via Getty)


ENTPs love new ideas and experiences, and they also tend to have a lot of unique interests. With a penchant for anything new and inventive — read: on trend — the always-hip ENTP would love an eclectic gift. For this personality, give an equally thoughtful and eccentric gift that plays on one of their niche interests or hobbies, like these surprisingly cute SamiMaurerDesigns Harry Potter wine glasses ($17).


Hard-working, no-nonsense ESTJs believe in the power of responsibility and productivity. While they’d appreciate a nostalgic present, this personality would probably prefer something more functional. To maximize the ESTJ’s need for efficiency, give an open-ended, practical gift, like an Amazon Prime membership ($13/month). (Photo via Getty)


Down-to-earth and practical — but also made to nurture the people around them — you can imagine that ESFJs are both incredible friends and hostesses. To set this personality up for success with hospitality, stock their kitchen or dining room. Try a practical, hostess-y gift like a cute tablecloth ($34) or a set of non-stick pans ($90).


They don’t call the ENFJ the “protagonist” for nothing! ENFJs are the MBTI’s diplomats, dedicated to helping others and changing the world for the better. For this people- and cause-focused personality type, give a donation to a cause they’re passionate about in lieu of a more straightforward gift. But make sure to throw in a thoughtful, handwritten card too (this YellowDaisyPaperCo mic drop card [$5] will help you make the right statement) — it always feels good to be appreciated for your strengths!


The ENTJ knows exactly what she wants. She’s known for being analytical, and she’s a natural leader with a strong drive and sense of ambition — in fact, she probably has a five-year plan for getting there. Since the ENTJ grad in your life is probably already planning for their retirement, it may be safest to stick with cash.

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