If you feel a deep connection to the world around you, then a nature-inspired name may ring true for your baby. From Chrissy Teigen and John Legend’s baby Luna to Behati Prinsloo and Adam Levine’s Dusty Rose, the name you’ve been waiting for could be hiding in plain sight. Get your creative wheels turning with this list of baby names that feel like a breath of fresh air.


A daughter rides on her father's shoulders

1. Fern: Fans of the book Charlotte’s Web may remember Fern as the kind-hearted girl who befriended Wilbur the pig. But nature lovers may think of this name as a more organic alternative to the popular Finley.

2. Birdie: Busy Phillips picked this playful name for her tot. The vintage nickname has a fun and unique cool factor while maintaining a fun-loving staying power as your little one grows up.

3. Poppy: This is a great choice for parents who are looking for a feminine name with a little edge. It’s also another celebrity favorite! Jamie Oliver, Jessica Capshaw, and True Blood couple Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer all have daughters named Poppy.

4. Rose: If you feel inspired by rosé, rose gold, or just roses themselves, then this might be the perfect name for your beautiful baby girl.

5. Lily: Lovely on its own and doubly sweet when combined with other flower names — like model Lily-Rose Depp — this choice is as fresh as it sounds.

6. Meadow: There’s something gentle about the word meadow. If you love wide-open spaces and gentle breezes, then this could be the perfect name for your sweet baby.

A toddler picks flowers in a field

7. Lark: Does a talent for singing run in your family? Celebrate the songbirds in your life with this lyrically sophisticated name.

8. Delta: This name offers a little Southern inspiration and a whole lot of cool all in one two-syllable package. Another point upping the cool factor: Delta is also the name of Kristin Bell and Dax Shepherd’s second daughter.

9. Briar: Climbing in popularity, but still a bit undercover, Briar is a sweet name for the little wild rose in your family. Hayden Christensen and Rachel Bilson named their little one Briar Rose after the heroine of the fairy tale Sleeping Beauty.

10. Amber: A name fit for a natural beauty, Amber is a great choice for eco-conscious families and gemstone-lovers alike. Better yet, you can use the name as inspiration for personalized go-to gifts as your little one grows older.

11. Marigold: If you’re looking for a name that’s got a unique and vintage vibe to it without sounding too stuffy, then Marigold may be a perfect fit. To shorten it up a bit, you can use the nicknames Mari or Goldie on an everyday basis.

12. Aspen: This name could be inspired by your favorite winter getaway spot or by the elegant groves of trees with heart-shaped leaves that line the Rocky Mountains. Either way, it’s a name that will sound beautiful all year long.

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13. Dahlia: As flower names come, Dahlia offers a beautiful alternative, particularly if you’re drawn to Victorian culture for inspiration. According to the baby name site Nameberry, the dahlia means elegance and dignity in the Victorian language of flowers.

14. Flora: As the Latin name for flower, Flora has a nerdy-but-cool feel to it. If you’re looking for a unique name that isn’t too out there, consider this long-forgotten name with serious it-girl vibes.

15. Iris: If you’re loving the sound of Isla, but you’re not crash-hot on choosing such a popular name, consider Iris as another cool-kid “I” name. Bonus: You can gift your daughter with a beautiful bouquet of irises every year for her birthday.

16. Ivy: This botanical name feels feminine and fierce all at the same time. This may be because it’s unassumingly cool, or because a stylish little cutie of the same name is slaying with style alongside her famously talented mama. Whatever the reason, it’s a great choice for a natural but modern-feeling name.

17. Wren: Robin and Raven are great names inspired by birds, but why let them get all the love? Wren offers a sweet but serious-sounding alternative to the more popular options.

18. Olive: As a hipper and more subtle alternative to Olivia, Olive has a gentleness to it that is just as fitting for a toddler as it is for a grown up. It’s also the name that Drew Barrymore picked for her sweet mini-me daughter.


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19. Stone: Strong, solid, and reliable; all feelings that are easily related to a person named Stone. It’s also an earthy name with more muscle than crunch.

20. River: As a more popular nature-themed name, River is the perfect choice for a baby who is growing up in a laid-back, nature-loving lifestyle. Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver chose this name for his fifth child, River Rocket, who joined a whole family of nature-inspired names.

21. Forrest: You may think Gump when you read Forrest, but this name has been around for a while, reaching the top 200 ranks in the early 20th century. This outdoorsy name also lends the nature-inspired nickname, Woody.

22. Bear: Alicia Silverstone picked this name for her little one, and adventure expert Bear Grylls brought it into the US mainstream of name choices. This name has Scottish origins and scores serious cool points in the unique name department. Bonus: Baby Bear can be the springboard for so many fun DIY projects at home, like a Jungle Book themed nursery, matching mama-bear and baby-bear t-shirts, and more!

23. Yarrow: If you love the feel of the name Sparrow but want something a little more off the beaten path, try Yarrow. The name comes from the yellow wildflower that is also used as a healing herb.

24. Cedar: Tree names are trending, but not so much that your little one will be the third Cedar in his class. This name has a one-of-a-kind feel to it with a jazzy but natural vibe.

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25. Oak: As another tree name, Oak and Oakley are rising in popularity for both boys and girls. It’s an easy one-syllable name that has the feeling of being sturdy, strong, and reliable.

26. Quill: Love Quinn but want something a little more original? Quill is a great alternative! This name is perfect on its own, but it could also be the shortened version of the longer, more formal Irish names Quillar or Quillan.

27. Sage: This name may be inspired by an herb, but it also means wise and knowing. It has a bit of a bluegrass vibe to it too and would go well with siblings Hazel, Mabel, or Jasper.

28. Wolf: Does your growing family have a wild and free-roaming spirit? Sometimes a shortened version of Wolfgang, this German name has an untamed-but-friendly ring to it. Another creative idea: Combine Wolf with a more common name, like Zooey Deschanel did with her baby boy, Charlie Wolf.

29. Reed: In nature, reeds are graceful, resilient, and poised all at the same time. If these qualities sound like personality traits you value, then consider Reed as a name for your little one. Also spelled Reid, this name has English origins and can also mean “red-haired.”

30. Orion: This star-gazing name is perfect for babies born between November and February, when the constellation is clearly visible in the sky. From “Twinkle, Twinkle” themed baby showers to starry nurseries, Orion is nothing short of inspiring.

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31. Basil: Although it’s mainly known today as a delicious herb, the name Basil has Greek origins and an upper-class English vibe. It’s a fresh choice if you’re searching for a name with a classic but still modern feel.

32. Ash: This name could easily belong to a daredevil stuntman or a quiet and thoughtful writer. Perfectly versatile on its own, Ash can also be a nickname for Asher or Ashton.

33. Atlas: Known as a moon name as well as a nature name, Atlas is trending. Either way you look at it, this is a name for a baby who will be encouraged to play to his strengths and explore the world with confidence.

34. Heath: Whether you’re a fan of the late actor Heath Ledger or not, this is a solid alternative to the very popular Ethan. The name Heath is actually derived from nature, meaning an open land where flowering shrubs grow.

35. Sky: Also spelled Skye, this Scottish name feels a little hippie and a little preppy all at the same time. It’s a great choice for a family that is always on trend without conforming to what everyone else is doing.

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