Netflix has become so addicting, it has officially replaced our squad — that urge to click “continue watching” is just oh-so-hard to resist! But if you’ve promised your S.O. or your bestie that you’ll wait for them before watching the latest ep of Orange Is the New Black, a streaming commitment ring might be just what you need.

Netflix commitment rings

Modeled after engagement rings and wedding rings, the soon-to-be-released streaming commitments rings are meant to represent the same faithfulness that you would promise your partner (or partner in viewing crime). The only difference is, instead of promising everlasting love and making a commitment to share your life together, you’re making a virtual pinkie-swear that you won’t watch that next episode without your Netflix boo by your side.

Netflix commitment rings

Unlike more traditional rings, however, these don’t rely on your willpower alone: They actually sync with the streaming service itself, making it so that a couple’s show of choice (which can be selected via app) can only be activated when both rings are together, ensuring that both parties are present. What’s more, the ring is designed to work with all of the most popular streaming services (Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, etc.), so GoT (we see you, Khaleesi lovers!) cheaters are also S.O.L., too.

Netflix commitment rings

Coming from ice cream brand Cornetto (yep, you read that right — ice cream company), these rings promise to stop Netflix cheating before it can do any serious long-term damage. Check out the video below to decide if you and your binge-watching buddies have what it takes to make a #seriescommitment.

Sign up on the company’s site to find out when you can purchase them online. May you never worry about program infidelity again!

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(h/t Mental Floss, photos via seriescommitment)