Kids born the year Tim Burton’s iconic Nightmare Before Christmas film came out are well past drinking age now (they’re 22 to be exact), and yet the classic flick is still a Halloween staple year after year. With everyone’s favorite creepy holiday just around the corner, Hot Topic has just released a capsule collection that pays homage to the movie — and it’s only here for a limited time, so get moving. The collection features everything from a Jack Skellington knit cardigan to a seriously on-point Sally costume. The best part? True to Hot Topic’s customary body positive and inclusive fashion, everything comes in a full size range. Here’s a rundown of all the best things you can shop.


1. Lace Up Flocked Dress ($70): You may not notice it right away, but if you look closely, you can see that Jack Skellington is actually woven into the filigree design on the dress. What’s amazing about this is that you can probably get wearing this all year and not just on Halloween.

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2. Jack Skellington Fair Isle Sweater ($55): This cardigan certainly speaks more to the “Christmas” part of the title, but it’s a perfect nod to your true favorite holiday.


3. Reversible Jack + Sally Hoodie ($59): Each side of this fully reversible hoodie depicts either Jack or Sally. Amazing! Wear it according to whoever you’re feeling more on different days.


4. Flocked Lace Jacket ($79): This adorable jacket is the most expensive item in the collection. It’s kind of the perfect fall weather outerwear, but the lace up sleeves are so Halloween. Pair it with some leather pants for a night out.


5. Sally Costume ($49): This Sally dress will help you nail her costume this Halloween. All you need is a red wig, some face + body paint and this awesome makeup tutorial to help you get the look.

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(Photos via Hot Topic)