Everyone always seems to be talking about what constitutes a perfectly rounded wardrobe with trenches, skinny jeans and blazers typically topping every list. And that鈥檚 all well and good, but your style is much more complex than that and it鈥檚 not just the basics that count. It鈥檚 the non-essentials that truly make your style stand out from the rest and no closet is complete without them. These 14 pieces are what really make those button-downs, white tees and classic denim really count.


1. Jeffrey Campbell Tarot Boots ($205): Everyone needs to have at least one of those pair of shoes. You know, the ones that make mouths drop when you walk out the door. They鈥檙e totally not something you鈥檇 wear everyday, but when you鈥檙e looking to garner a little attention, that鈥檚 where these bad boys come in. Heels are an obvious way to go, but it鈥檚 ankle boots, trainers or menswear-inspired flats will really make an impact.


2. Story of Lola Midi Length Faux Fur Coat In Boho Peacock Print ($163): Car and peacoats are classic, but a show-stopping coat should also count themselves among your wardrobe ranks. Perfect for a dressed up occasion or heck, even a gloomy Monday, a colorful faux fur or shimmery topper is where it鈥檚 at.


3. Urban Outfitters Classic Wool Beret ($34): Beanies, fedoras and floppy hats are fab, but they鈥檙e not exactly ground-breaking. Opt for something with a little more flavor, putting the finishing touch on a vintage sweater and denim combo with the likes of a soft wool beret or bold faux fur cap.


4. ASOS Cat Velvet Cross Body Bag ($33): Carry your cash in a whole new way with a quirky bag boasting lots of character. It鈥檒l undoubtedly add a little intrigue to any outfit, but it鈥檚 the conversation-starter quality that will quickly make it a fave (and your go-to sac for events where acquaintances are few and far between).


5. Stance Cabana Socks ($12): Socks are something everyone has, but they鈥檙e more a necessity than a standout fashion statement. You鈥檝e got your white ankle socks for when you want to get your fitness on and chunky wool numbers fit for outdoor adventures 鈥 but what about for a night out or when you just want to take your outfit to the next level? The answer: statement socks with bright colors and bold prints. Pair 鈥檈m with everything from strappy sandals to loafer-style kicks.

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6. Essential Antwerp Kimono in All Over Sequins ($102): Leisurewear has a way of conjuring up images of blas茅 track suits and sloppy sweats 鈥 but it doesn鈥檛 have to be that way. Keep cozy without compromising on that impeccable sense of style with a few elevated separates. A sequin-studded kimono will put a whole new twist on basics and blow your Saturday night getup out of the water.


7. Zara Colorful Extra Soft Geometric Scarf ($36): The blanket scarf is an undisputed wardrobe warrior. It has so much more to offer than your standard lightweight style, transitioning flawlessly from oversized scarf to crazy chic poncho and sophisticated wrap.


8. J.Crew Collection Silk Lam茅 Pull On Pant ($368): Metallics are kind of one of the best things going, providing an impactful alternative to shimmery sequins. Wear them on the bottom to amp your work week uniform or pair them up with a simple structured top and block heels for after hours.


9. Reformation Tora Jacket ($268): Feels like a robe, but looks incredibly chic. A silky robe is an unexpected, must-have piece. An acceptable way to wear your PJs outside the house, it鈥檚 a killer finishing touch for everything from a knit midi dress to wide leg denim.


10. COS Cropped Mesh Blazer ($99): Dress codes don鈥檛 have to mean boring. Flaunt your style know-how, while playing by the rules with polished pieces packed with personality. Creative suiting separates like mesh blazers, high-shine trousers or graphic pencil skirts will transform the way you approach your 9 to 5.


11. Glenda Lopez Hot Dog Ring ($67): Statement accessories are the easiest way to bring an outfit to life and trick both your co-workers and friends into thinking you actually put time and effort into your outfit (you didn鈥檛). Take them to the next level by choosing pieces from thrift shops or independent makers and brands, giving you an extra sartorial edge and plenty of conversation-starting fuel.

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12. Nike Blazer Mid iD Sneakers ($125): Whether it鈥檚 a bomber jacket bearing your name or a set of kicks you designed yourself, customized anything is way to show off your style. The best part? They鈥檙e totally one-of-a-kind, meaning more compliments and less showing up to work or a party wearing the same thing as five other people.


13. French Connection Electric Leopard Jumper ($128): From leopard to zebra and cheetah prints, going a little wild will do some major favors for your wardrobe. They practically work like neutrals, meaning they鈥檙e easy to pair with almost everything in your closet.


14. Cambridge Satchel Company Mini Fluoro Push Lock Bag ($150): Say yes to neon and open the door to endless outfits overflowing with energy and attitude. Accessories are the easiest way to pull it off, but if you鈥檙e feeling brave go all out with look-at-me tops and trend-right trousers.

What鈥檚 your favorite non-basic essential? Tell us in the comments!