Well folks, the back to school sales have started, and pretty soon the weather’s going to start cooling down. And as much as we hate to admit it, it’s true — summer’s almost over. One thing we are excited about, though? Fall fashion. It’s finally almost layering season again, and we’re starting from the outside. Check out these 18 trendy wrap coats to rock through autumn.

1. Wrap Front Oversized Boyfriend Coat ($80): A simple black coat is as valuable as an LBD. It goes with everything, from the casual outfit pictured to an adorable dress with tights.

2. Trench in Oversize Drape ($71): What’s better than a draped trench coat? A draped trench coat that comes in two wonderful shades.

3. Gingham Wrap Coat ($100): This gingham coat may look like a cuddly vest, but it actually has ribbed sweater-like sleeves. It’s casually stylish and perfect for daily wear.

4. Coat in Light Weight Stripe ($67): We’ve never actually seen a striped wrap coat before, but we’re lovin’ it already. All it needs is a bright scarf and some cute ankle boots.

5. Ali Wrap Coat ($545): This is like the Audrey Hepburn of all coats. It’s simple and delicately chic.

6. Wool + Cashmere Blend Belted Wrap Coat ($340): People tend to stay away from white because of all the upkeep involved, but this one is definitely worth it. It’s made of a wool and cashmere blend, so you’ll feel like you’re wearing a cloud.

7. Coat With Asymmetric Color Block ($81): Throwback! This ’80s style coat reminds us of Aunt Becky from Full House, but in the best possible way. Retro is totally in.

8. Leather Trim Asymmetric Coat ($695): Leather trim? Count us in. We know this is extremely pricey, but that charcoal hue is sooo pretty.

9. Plus Size Belted Wrap Jacket ($140): Black is always the new black when it comes to jackets. This one in particular is so easy to slip on, and has an incredibly awesome oversized collar.

10. Phyllis Long Coat ($198): Hey there, Sherlock! This long coat has the same trendy effect as a trench coat, but skips over all of those annoying buttons. Sounds like a good deal to us.

11. Wrap Front Oversized Boyfriend Coat ($44): Dear cobalt blue, we adore you oh-so much. Sincerely, every single person in the universe.

12. Houndstooth Hooded Wrap Coat ($190): Houndstooth is basically the floral print of the fall. It’ll always be fashionable, no matter what. This beige coat is quite unique, though — it has a hood!

13. Phoebe Wrap Coat ($105): Effortless fashion is the name of the game. Slipping this coat on will automatically take an outfit from ordinary to extraordinary.

14. Wrap Cocoon Coat ($77): This coat is so warm and cuddly that you’ll feel like you’re walking around in a blanket. Looks like getting up at 6 AM won’t be so horrible anymore. You’re welcome.

15. Soft Trench Coat ($60): Pastels are even making their way into our fall wardrobes! The color of this soft trench coat is simple and adorable, as are those leopard print cuffs.

16. Leather Combo Wrap Coat ($388): We’re huge fans of mixing leather with softer materials, since it’s such a great way to incorporate a little edginess into your outfit. This coat is ranked quite high on our Most Wanted List (yup, that’s what we’re calling it).

17. Tiered Hem Hooded Trench Coat ($84): There are two things we absolutely love tiers on: cakes and coats. This trench happens to fall under one of those categories, and we heart it so much. That bright pink doesn’t hurt either.

18. Wool + Alpaca Blend Trim Wrap Coat ($350): And finally, the most sophisticated coat of all. It’s so warm that it’ll probably last you through a few winter months as well!

How excited are you for fall fashion? Share all of your wonderful feelings with us in the comments below!