Being a grown-up can be pretty great. You can drive and have boozy brunches with your friends every Saturday and Sunday. And some Fridays. You can change your hair color if you want to, wear whatever you’d like (sorry but not sorry, Mom) and even work at a job you love. Yeah, there are quite a few perks that come along with being an adult. But remember when you were little and all you wanted on everything was sequins? Sequins might not seem all that age-appropriate anymore, but we’ve found the perfect place for them: your home!

Just because you’re an adult doesn’t mean you have to leave your five-year-old self behind — especially when it comes to decorating your personal space. There is a way to decorate with sequins as an adult that will still delight your inner child. Here are 17 creative ways to do it.

1. Use it in a chevron pattern: The blankets on these twin beds might not be identical, but they do match and complement each other. The use of sequins for the chevron patterns is both modern and subtle and really add something extra to the room. (via Decor8)

2. Do different sizes: The mix of extra large gold circles on the wallpaper and the tiny ones on the throw pillows really ties the look together in this room. Plus, the blush and champagne gold palette is super pretty. (via The Glitter Guide)

3. Find it in the details: The sequins in this mid-century modern living room are on the back of the teal blue seat in the shape of a skull. The use of sequins here is almost like a wink at the viewer; blink and you might miss it. (via My Domaine)

4. Go full-on glam: The sequins take center stage here. Everything in this room is bold and bolder (we see you, velvet purple couches and massive Buddha head), but the decked out fireplace is such a centerpiece, it doesn’t get drowned out. (via Czas Na Wnętrze)

5. Mix + Match Patterns: Here, sequins are integrated into the Moroccan wedding blanket draped across the bed. What is so great about this look is how perfectly the mix of textures and bold patterns go together. (via Parker Palm Springs)

6. Get regal: This look features another Moroccan wedding blanket, but the feeling is really different with the gallery wall of portraits and the chandelier. There’s something about this room that looks almost royal — and it’s no wonder, because it belongs to Malene Birger, who is basically Danish designer royalty. (via OOTD Magazine)

7. Think Marrakesh: Everything about this cozy seating area is gorgeous. Marrakesh design is very sequin-friendly, and it’s one maximalist way to integrate sequins into your home decor. (via Figue)

8. Use vintage gold accents: The lampshade in the back corner, the picture frame on the wall, the side table and the sequin throw pillow all come together beautifully in this tiny space. Use gold sequins along with other gold accents to give your room a boost of old Hollywood glamour. (via Lonny)

9. Make it an unexpected detail: This backsplash for the stove is enough to make you want to cook. Every. Single. Day. While traditional sequins aren’t used here because they’re not heavy duty enough, the metal tile achieves plenty of shine. (via Urban Kitchen and Bath)

10. Put it in the dining space: A dining room is not the usual haunt for a sequin throw pillow. But the use of them here really makes this room stand out. Plus, your lower back would probably thank you. (via Decor Dots)

11. Use it as beautiful wall art: Ah, sparkly. Using sequins in your wall art is one simple and sophisticated way to incorporate shine into your life. Plus, it could make for a simple and fun DIY project. (via Jen Fong)

12. Leave it quirky and imperfect: The sequins in this office look like they are are tumbling off the wall. It’s such a creative idea for decorating your workspace, and since we know your environment definitely has an effect on your creativity, this might actually be a way to get your wheels turning. (via Emma Magazine)

13. Keep it chic with black sequins: If gold or silver isn’t really your thing, you could try decorating with black sequins. The contrast of the neutrals and the black glimmer of the sequins here is ultra chic. No surprise this living room space belongs to the designers of Loeffler Randall. (via Domino Magazine)

14. Use a surprising light fixture: From the flowers to the neon details on the dining table and benches, everything in this room is unconventionally cool. But without a doubt, that silvery sequin light fixture steals the spotlight. (via The Design Files)

15. Bronze your hallway: There’s a lot about this urban loft space that draws the eye, like that fiddle leaf indoor plant or those geometric European pillows. But it’s that massive bronze sequin wall in the hallway that ups the ante in this space. (via Caitlin and Caitlin)

16. Keep it neutral: The whole feel of this bedroom is soft and calm — a perfect space to just relax. The pretty sparkles on the pillow add a little bit of a punch, but not too much. We also love the juxtaposition of the shag pillow with sequins. (via Home Bunch)

17. Surround it with natural elements: If your whole decorating aesthetic is natural mid-century modern, use sequins as a way to complement your look. There’s just something about the power of sequins that pulls a rustic vintage look together. (via An-Magritt)

What do you think about incorporating sequins into your home decor? Share with us in the comments below!

(Featured photo via Domino Magazine)