Selfies are EVERYWHERE. Businesses have noticed this too, which means we may all soon be paying for our online shopping with our faces. Not that different from fingerprints, we suppose鈥 unless you have an evil twin. If you go on social media at all, you are bound to see new pics of your friends鈥 (and fave celebrities鈥) faces. Nowadays you can鈥檛 hide from the cameras even if you want to, so why not get ahead of the curve and show yourself in the best light? OWN those pictures! If you woke up with a red face or even a pimple, don鈥檛 worry 鈥 no one is safe from those. But it doesn鈥檛 mean you can鈥檛 still share your beautiful face with the world. 鈥淭here鈥檚 an app for that.鈥


Enter Facetune 2. Yep, your favorite mobile photoshop app just got even better. If you鈥檝e never used Facetune 1 or 2 before, don鈥檛 worry! We鈥檙e going to give you all the deets. Along with smoothing (one of our fave features, which you can see above), here are some of the best features.


Teeth whitening. Even if you take the best possible care of your teeth, sometimes the lighting in your environment can make things look a little wonky. It could even be the clothes or lipstick you鈥檙e wearing 鈥 unfortunately, some colors just emphasize yellow. This tool is super smart; all you have to do is swipe your finger over your teeth in the photo and the app will automagically find and whiten your teeth. Take that, whitening strips!

We finished out the Facetune 2鈥檚 tutorial, and this was the end result:


She鈥檚 still completely recognizable 鈥 everything just looks a little, well, smoother. The fun doesn鈥檛 stop there though. We went through and tried some of the paid features so you could have a closer look.


There is a whole slew of filters and add-ons. Maybe you鈥檙e experiencing some serious selfie envy because all your friends have the iPhone 7 Plus and they have that fancy-shmancy new Portrait Mode that blurs everything in the background. Well, joke鈥檚 on them, because they bought a whole new phone for that and you only need to pay $2 to get a similar effect 鈥 and you can even try it first! Check it out:


For something that took five seconds, that鈥檚 pretty darn professional-looking. Tweak it a little bit, and no one would ever be able to tell you just swiped over the background with your finger.


Speaking of backgrounds鈥 If you have one of those annoying pictures where you look great but the background doesn鈥檛, look no further. Using the same technique as before when we blurred out the background, you can remove the old background and substitute in a new one. It seems like the lighting and everything is preserved, so the photo still has believable depth. If you saw the second photo by itself, you鈥檇 probably just think she was standing in front of a pretty blue wall or a professional backdrop, right? Yep.

There are SO many other fun features, like face-reshaping, eye-brightening, patching and healing (so you can hide that pimple), matte effects, shadow fixes, under-eye concealing, redness remover, automatic retouching and so much more. There are also some pretty fun filters, including a set with a not-so-subtle homage to the 鈥90s (We love you, Dawson鈥檚 Creek!).

Overall, the folks at Facetune did a great job with this app. Because we can鈥檛 all be Beyonc茅 and post our #IWokeUpLikeThis selfies daily without a little fixing once in a while.

What鈥檚 your favorite photo app? Will you be using Facetune 2? Tell us @BritandCo!

(Feature photo via Peathegee Inc/Getty)