Pinterest is pretty much the easiest way to make a digital wishlist, and while it hasn鈥檛 changed much over the years, it is still super useful. Not to mention how fun it is to look at other people鈥檚 Pinboards 鈥 it鈥檚 like one big colorful magazine! Earlier this year, Pinterest received an update that makes it easier to find your next project, and it also got buyable Pins. We also love it for being one of the best places to show us products that are really worth the money.

Pinterest boards on Apple iPad Air

Pinterest鈥檚 newest innovation is about to make online shopping even easier. The new 鈥渢ried it鈥 button is designed to keep track of everything you鈥檝e already tried. Pinterest鈥檚 blog post about the new feature says:

鈥淣ext time you build, visit or make something you found on Pinterest, tap the new checkmark to say that you tried it. You can even add feedback, notes and photos to help others decide if they should give it a go too. When people try a Pin, their feedback will show up right on the Pin itself. Just scroll down to see how it turned out for others 鈥 you may even find some helpful hacks from people who tried it before you.鈥

All your tried Pins will show up in a new section on your profile. The feature is starting to roll out today on the website, and is expected to be incorporated in the iOS and Android apps within a week. Make sure to keep your apps updated so you can be sure to 鈥渢ry it鈥 as soon as possible!

What are some of your favorite Pins you鈥檝e tried? Make sure to follow Brit + Co on Pinterest!

(h/t Engadget, photos via Getty)