If there’s anything we’ve learned from keeping up with the latest fashion trends, it’s that we should keep a special spot in our closet for old clothes, because they’ll be stylish again at some point in our lives. Seriously. First overalls came back, then colorful geo prints and, now? Off-the-shoulder necklines. That’s right, ladies! Check out these 18 modern ways to rock the revived ’80s/’90s trend without looking like Kelly Kapowski. Although, that’s never really a bad thing.

1. Off-the-Shoulder Dress With Embroidery ($121): During the dog days of summer, all we want to wear is a flowy dress like this one. The boho chic style is going nowhere… and we’re not complaining.

2. Janelle Top ($48): Those sleeves are absolutely marvelous. Can we attach them to all our clothes?

3. Mini Off-the-Shoulder Skater Dress ($27): Sometimes all you need is a bold color to take something from ordinary to extraordinary. This dress would work for any casual summer event you can possibly think of. And those silver sandals aren’t too shabby, either!

4. Printed Off-the-Shoulder Dress ($40): We’ve been really into tropical prints this summer, so this leafy dress is right up our alley. Imagine how trendy you’d be walking along the beach in it!

5. Skater Dress With Bardot Neckline ($48): Every woman needs a simple LBD like this in her closet. This one even comes in a shade of red, for those of you who love LRDs (yup, it’s a thing now).

6. Pleated Peplum Top ($32): Peplums are still going strong, and it looks like that’s going to continue. That being said, this delicate pleated top is definitely worth the investment.

7. Crisscross Off-the-Shoulder Top ($34): This is literally one of the coolest and most unique crop tops we’ve ever seen. It’d look so fab with a super bright scuba skirt.

8. Off-the-Shoulder Dress in Lace ($48): Unconventional brides-to-be, take note! This lace number could totally work for a smaller, intimate wedding.

9. Off-the-Shoulder Top ($19): Simple off-the-shoulder tops and sweaters like this one are definitely what the women of the ’80s rocked. This shade of cobalt blue is so, so pretty.

10. Printed Off-the-Shoulder Top ($70): This beautifully bohemian pick looks perfect when paired with denim, be it cutoffs or distressed jeans.

11. Off-the-Shoulder Dress in Morris Flower Print ($29): This dress is ideal for those of you who aren’t fans of over-the-top floral prints. It’s subtle, but totally cute.

12. Off-the-Shoulder Prom Dress ($130): They’re calling this a prom dress, but you could definitely wear it to other non-high school formal events. Although, how fun would it be to host a mini adult prom with your friends? Just don’t forget to send us an invite.

13. Maggie Off-the-Shoulder Lace Dress ($92): This lace dress is both modest and sexy at the same time. Date night, here we come!

14. Off-the-Shoulder Mini Dress ($20): This vintage floral print’s been brought to this century with the help of the off-the-shoulder style. It’s an excellent mix of old and new.

15. Off-the-Shoulder Smock Dress in Daisy Lace ($126): Once you try this on, you’ll never want to take it off. Paired with a fresh floral crown, this dress’ll make you the perfect image of summer.

16. Off-the-Shoulder Openback Top ($50): Looking for something to wear over your swimsuit at the beach? Check out this open back top!

17. Sweetheart Off-the-Shoulder Jumpsuit ($24): We know we said tops and dresses, but we just couldn’t resist sharing this jumpsuit. It’s pretty simple, but that’s what makes it so amazing.

18. Off-the-Shoulder Flounce Dress ($18): We needed a little bit of blue in this roundup, didn’t we? This dress’ll soon become one of your favorites.

What do you think of this revived trend? Share your opinion with us in the comments below!