If you haven’t had a chance to binge Orange Is the New Black season four yet (or throw a killer OITNB viewing party), fear not! This is a spoiler-free zone. Well, sorta — we are gonna have to go ahead and spoil the fact that protagonist Piper Chapman is still alive. Probably not a surprise but, it seems, probably also a bit of a disappointment. Or, um, actually, it seems to be a huuuuge disappointment. For some, anyway.

You might remember last year, when season three was said and done, there were some prettyscathingtakes on her character’s development, many of which suggested that she should straight up be killed off. Whatever sympathy we had for the privileged imprisoned princess when the show started had disappeared as she became 1) boring and betraying; 2) a villain and 3) secondary to the compelling ensemble of women that had been introduced around her. There are arguments to be made for the importance of having her as one of the few (only?) female antiheroes on TV — except, aren’t antiheroes still supposed to be somehow likable in their unlikeable ways?

So, if you’ve watched the series from the beginning and complained more and more each season to your friends, your roommate or your S.O. about how annoying Piper is, you might be pleased to know that you’re in very, very common company.

Harsh! And this is just a grain of sand in the anti-Piper universe. Seriously, the extent to which people complain about her is actually kind of hilarious. Just look at the Twitter search for “get rid of Piper.” Or “anti-Piper.” Or even just “OITNB Piper.” (Watch out for spoilers on any of these links, though!) Let any of them refresh for a few minutes. It’s endless!

“You don’t get it,” you say. “She’s supposed to be annoying!” THAT DOESN’T HELP!

Is… is anyone else starting to feel bad for Taylor Schilling?!

Piper big deal

Oh. Nevermind.

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