3D printing is out of control… in the best way possible. Not only can you create 3D-printed kayaks, Oreos and houses, but the technology is also being used for life-saving medicine. So what’s next for this crazy amazing tech? Soon you’ll be able to 3D print objects using your smartphone. Whaaaaat?! Talk about making your smartphone smarter.


OLO is the world’s first-ever smartphone-powered 3D printer. The company’s Kickstarter campaign has raised a whopping 2.1 million dollars (of an original $80,000 goal, no less), so it’s safe to say that we’re not the only ones excited about smartphone 3D printing. Here’s how it actually works: Your phone attaches to a small box-shaped printer, you choose a design from either OLO’s library or any other 3D printing app (or your own design from any 3D design software), pour in the resin and, using the light from your smartphone’s screen, print objects!

OLO_D_131 copy 2

If you’re a creative type (aren’t we all?), you can use OLO to print your own custom stamps or designs for roller printing. And if you’re not an artist per se, you can print toys for your kids or even your own jewelry. If you and a friend both have OLO devices, you could send a gift that could only be revealed by printing it.


The OLO app is available for iPhone, Android and Windows phones. And the best part? OLO is only $99. So whether you’re a 3D-printing pro or beginner, you might want to get your hands on this awesome new tech.

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(Photos via OLO)