If you thought Kendall Jenner was raking it in with her Instagram posts, wait till you hear what Oprah makes off a single tweet about BREAD!


Honestly, bread is pretty darn awesome 鈥 no one is debating that. From rye to sourdough to ciabatta and anything and everything in between, it鈥檚 aaaaaall good. But is merely mentioning it worth $12 million? Apparently, yes, if you鈥檙e Oprah Winfrey.

鈥淓at bread. Lose weight. Whaaatttt? #ComeJoinMe鈥

BOOM! $12 million.

Seriously, that鈥檚 the $12 million tweet 鈥 that and the short video clip that was attached that has Oprah singing the praises of Weight Watchers for allowing her to lose weight and still eat bread. 鈥淚 lost 26 pounds, and I have eaten bread every single day.鈥

The tweet indeed did its work and boosted Weight Watchers up $2 per share, and Oprah, who is the largest individual stakeholder in Weight Watchers International Inc. and owns around six million shares, earned $12 million with the Twittersphere bump.

Oprah announced in October that she鈥檇 become a stakeholder in the weight loss behemoth. 鈥淣othing you鈥檝e ever been through is wasted, so every time I tried and failed, every time I tried again, and every time I tried again, has brought me to this most powerful moment to say, 鈥業f not now, when?鈥欌 she says in an emotional commercial for Weight Watchers that was released in December. 鈥淚 feel that way, and I know millions of other people feel that way. Are you ready? Let鈥檚 do this together.鈥

Yes, we鈥檙e ready! Let鈥檚 eat bread together, Oprah! Oh, wait, that鈥檚 not what she meant?!

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(h/t E!; photo via Jason Merritt/Getty)