Never will we ever have to deal with earbuds slipping out of our ears, or having to jam them in when they just aren’t meant to fit, because the future of headphones lies in OwnPhones. OwnPhones are wireless, 3D printed earbuds that are built to fit the size and shape of your ear exactly.

These earbuds are made custom, just for you thanks to a short video ear selfie. That’s right, you take a video of your ear and the company converts it into 3D design data, which is then printed to produce just the pair you envisioned. And not only do these gems fit you physically to a T, they also can fit your personality, which you know we’re psyched about.

OwnPhones come in so many colors, styles and materials that there are over 10,000 different combinations possible. So, as long as you’re good at making decisions, these earbuds have the potential to be everything you could ever want.

They can be made into earrings, running headphones, you name it! The options are nearly endless. Plus, a Bluetooth connection allows OwnPhones to be completely wireless, and they can also serve as noise-cancelers, too.

With only a couple weeks to go on Kickstarter, the OwnPhones campaign has almost 1,500 backers and has raised close to $300,000, surpassing their goal of $250,000. And for just a $149 contribution, you can join the early birds and lock down your own pair of these chic, practical earbuds. There are contribution options that range up to almost $10,000, which commissions a local artist to work with you in order to design and create a gold and diamond studded set. Talk about some serious bling!

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(h/t Yahoo)