Whether you want to add a bit of floral decor to your home or you’re looking for the perfect way to make a memorable bouquet last forever, paper flowers are definitely the way to go. Once you gain this unexpectedly valuable skill, you’ll find that it’ll come in handy All. The. Time. But the best part about it? You can learn how to DIY paper flowers right here on our site.

Jessica Pezalla, founder of the design studio Bramble Workshop, created a 60-minute online class in which she’ll teach you how to turn ordinary crepe paper into beautiful peonies, dahlias and more, all for $19. And once you’ve mastered the course, you can put your new talent to work with the following exclusive Brit + Co tutorials. Happy crafting!

1. Floral Photo Backdrop: No celebration is complete without a photo booth. Take note, bridesmaids: This floral version would feel especially at home at a bridal shower (or any other summer event, for that matter).

2. Paper Flower Crowns: How cute are these two? From Coachella to a fun photo shoot, the number of ways you can put a flower crown to use is practically unlimited. We’re partial to making them for our littlest BFFs.

3. Ranunculi String Lights: These flowers might have a complicated name, but they’re quite simple to make. We love the idea of attaching them to string lights for an outdoor party, especially for one on a beautiful summer night.

4. Paper Bouquet: This is the perfect DIY for a big event in your life. Our very own Brit even walked down the aisle with her own faux-quet!

5. Garland Backdrop: This backdrop may feature fresh flowers, but you can easily replace them with your own creations. In fact, your DIY flowers will exponentially increase the lifespan of the garlands (crepe paper FTW!).

6. Napkin Accessory: Even plain ol’ napkins deserve to have some fabulous accessories. Your guests will be pleasantly surprised to find these little guys hanging out on their plates.

7. Head Wreath: After you learn how to work with crepe paper, take your skills to the next level: wrapping paper. While this particular tutorial focuses on a holiday head “wreath,” you can personalize the wrapping paper for every holiday.

What would you make with paper flowers? Share your ideas with us in the comments below!