Never underestimate what an app can do for you. They help us eat healthy, travel safely and even stay on task. But now there’s an app that goes beyond games and selfie sharing. Passe-Parout is a dance app that puts world class choreography and composition in your hands.

Grab your tablet, download the app and you’ll have the ability to compose your very own ballet. With a few slides and taps of your finger, you can pull apart and put back together the work of world famous choreographers. Take their inspiration, combine it with your own creativity and see what you can make.

New York City Ballet choreographer Justin Peck and composer Aaron Severini created eight minutes of choreography and music to be manipulated and recreated (on app!) by anyone who downloads it. Use the eight one-minute dance pieces and pair them with eight separate music layers to make a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. The super simple interface allows you to tap and tilt dancers into a work of art all your own.

The best part? It’s just a buck! We love technology for putting dance, which is hard to access outside of expensive live performances, within reach of anyone, by pricing it at a mere $1. The app was made in collaboration with 2wice Arts Foundation and Pentagram partner Abbot Miller. The goal was to make the art form available to a wider audience, and considering the app lets you share your work straight to Facebook, they’re doing just that.

Would you try composing your own ballet on a tablet? What creative endeavor would you like to see in app form?

(h/t Fast Co Design)