Lazy chefs, REJOICE. We’ve got a cooking hack that’s going to rock your world. You no longer have to fight with papery skin sticking to your hands as you peel clove after clove of garlic. There exists an ingenious — dare we say magical? — way of peeling garlic that will save you time. Like, a LOT of time. Let Saveur Magazine enlighten you.


Put the knife down for this one — all you need is a strong arm and two bowls. Begin by smashing the head of garlic with the heel of your hand. This part is key; you want to get those cloves separated pretty well before the next step. Which, in the words of Saveur’s exec food editor Todd Coleman, is to “shake the dickens out of it.”


Then that’s it. Your cloves have practically peeled themselves and the only clean-up is to throw away the remainder from the bowls.


We gave this a try and it’s pretty amazing how well it works. It’s definitely important to make sure you smash the head real good, or else the paper can’t detach. Check out the entire video to make sure you have it down before you try it out. Then give it a go and let us know how awesome it is ;)

Does the video have you salivating for some garlicky goodness right now? Use up those cloves in some of your holiday party appetizers, garlic mashed potatoes or a flavorful bread roll for a Sunday roast. And invite us!

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