Everyone knows the best part of Thanksgiving is sopping up the gravy and cranberry sauce with a soft buttered roll. But the question remains: Just what kind of roll should it be? From classic Parker House to unique popovers and, of course, some pumpkin-themed bread, we’ve rounded up 20 recipes for you to chose from. Heck, who says you have to make one kind? Whip up several different batches and gather the varieties into a beautiful bread basket that will star as the centerpiece of your table.

1. Pull Apart Stuffing Rolls: Stuffing is a classic fixture of the Thanksgiving meal, but who says your dinner rolls can’t get in on the party? This pan of sausage- and onion-coated bread is decadent in the best possible way. (via Serious Eats)

2. Gluten-Free Chia Rolls: Make sure everyone can enjoy the breadbasket, even if they don’t eat gluten. These hearty dinner rolls are high in fiber, protein and omega-3s, making them practically healthy… until you load them up with butter. (via Meaningful Eats)

3. Pretzel Rolls: Salty and a little sweet with plenty of airiness and a delightfully chewy bite, these pretzel rolls are sure to become a brand new classic at your table. (via Smitten Kitchen)

4. Popovers With Gruyere and Thyme: These popovers are super easy to make and look like something you’d get at a fancy restaurant. A cheesy and herbaceous filling is only another added bonus. (via Very Culinary)

5. Chai and Date Rolls: Sweet bread with dinner isn’t that farfetched, especially when you make these spicy chai-inspired rolls. (via Winnish)

6. Thanksgiving Roux Bread: This bread uses a Japanese technique for extra fluffiness and a light, chewy texture. Plus, the “loaf” of rolls is pretty enough to serve as a centerpiece in its own right. (via Lady and Pups)

7. Dilly Rolls: Trying out yeasted bread for the first time? This recipe is for you. (via Bon Appetit)

8. Pumpkin Shaped Pumpkin Rolls: How cute are these mini pumpkins? Set one at each place for a fall-themed (and edible!) decoration. (via Wing It Vegan)

9. Holiday Popovers: Light and airy popovers get a hit of flavor from poultry seasoning, which makes them the perfect accompaniment to turkey and stuffing. (via The Culinary Cellar)

10. Pan de Yuca With Guava Chili Butter: Add a little Ecuadorian flare to your feast with these savory mini breads. Yuca flour adds a unique texture to the bread, while guava chili butter adds an (optional) spicy kick. (via Katie at the Kitchen Door)

11. Savory Rolls Stuffed With Onions, Pancetta, Apples and Gruyere: The name of these rolls is almost as big of a mouthful as the hearty breads themselves. Make sure to warn your guests to save room for the main meal. (via Port and Fin)

12. Hawaiian Sweet Rolls: These sweet, fluffy rolls are perfect for turning into a leftover turkey sandwich. But they’ll also add a great tropical twist to your Thanksgiving table. (via Jo Cooks)

13. Garlic Butter Clover Bread: These gorgeous flowers of bread look tricky, but they’re actually very easy to make. No need to tell your guests that though; let them be impressed with your skills. (via Domestic Gothess)

14. Perfect Crescent Rolls: You could pull out the canned dough for your crescent rolls, but where’s the fun in that? Make these beauties from scratch instead. They’re just as easy and way tastier. (via The Kitchen McCabe)

15. Parker House Rolls: Sure, you don’t have to top these rolls with a coat of melted butter and salt. But why wouldn’t you? (via Bon Appetit)

16. Garlic Pull-Apart Bread: These decadent buns cook together in one pan, making them super easy to make and serve without dirtying up a ton of dishes. (via Moms Cooking Adventures)

17. Strawberry Dinner Rolls: Add a little tribute to summer harvests at your feast with these strawberry rolls. You can definitely use frozen berries, and the results will be just as tasty. (via Culinary Tribune)

18. Mini Challah Rolls: These sweet braided rolls are a great project to make with family or friends. They’re almost (almost) too gorgeous to eat. (via The Candid Appetite)

19. Rosemary and Olive Dinner Rolls: Add a savory umami punch to your dinner table with these rolls. The heaviness of the olives gets lightened up with rosemary and a little sugar for the perfect balance. (via Italicana Kitchen)

20. Cheese and Chive Sourdough Biscuits: These rich biscuits are practically calling out for a slice of turkey, spread of cranberry sauce and some fresh greens on a sandwich. (via Leelalicious)

Which of these rolls will you feature in your Thanksgiving bread basket? Let us know in the comments below!