Oh, long-wearing lip stains. We love you so, but there’s always something wrong with you. It’s like you have to choose between having your color last all day long (but then it’ll leave your lips dry AF), or opt for a super moisturizing formula (that immediately smears off at the first sign of eating/drinking). Woof. A Korean beauty brand might have just solved the long-wearing lip product conundrum with a totally new type of lip product we’ve never seen before.


The *peel-off lip stain* is where it’s at, y’all. berrisom, a Korean beauty brand, has a product called Lip Tints ($18) that you actually peel off after you put them on. I know, I know — peeling off a lip product you just applied sounds completely crazy and counterintuitive, but give ‘em a chance. They’re dubbed “lip tattoos” because of how long they stay on thanks to this peel-off method that allows the stain to really leave its mark on your lips without drying them out.

Here’s how they work: You apply the pigmented shade of your choice (ranging from pinks to purples to reds and corals) to your lips the same way you would with a lip gloss. The stuff goes on shiny, but dries after about ten minutes. Then comes the fun part: peeling that ish of (it’s kinda the same concept as those addicting peel-off face masks). You lift an end of the now dried lip product and start peeling it off your lips (no, it doesn’t hurt). You will be left with a perfectly stained pout: a punchy color, smooth, moisturized lips and the confidence to be able to eat a huge sandwich (or cheeseburger…) without having to worry about smudging or fading.

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(Video via heyitsfeiii)