People are upping their selfie game in all sorts of unique ways. You can buy a selfie camera if you’re constantly snapping solo shots, or you can take a page from the Kim K selfie bible and perfect your look. With people traveling to all sorts of Instagram worthy places just to get the perfect shot, you’d think that travelers would be aware of their surroundings while snapping pics. Sadly, that’s not the case, and California’s current selfie capital is actually suffering because of intrepid IG photographers.

Thanks to heavy rainfalls in the California desert, a once-in-a-decade phenomenon called a “super bloom” is happening across the usually dry wasteland. These super blooms are so vibrant and all encompassing, you can see the rare desert bloom from space, which is drawing thousands of people to get a look at the flowers (called California Poppies) up close and personal.

Sadly, people are also so excited about the super bloom that they’re walking right through huge swaths of land, destroying the delicate flowers underneath. Apparently, staying on the trails, as advised by the Parks, doesn’t lead to the perfect snap that the tourists want to get.

While the pics are really gorgeous, we’re not sure it’s worth it to destroy such a rare natural occurrence just for a snap. While California poppies bloom regularly, this sort of major bloom is much more rare. And by the looks of it (by searching the #superbloom hashtag on IG), it’s actually hard to get a selfie without a bunch of people in the background.

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(h/t Teen Vogue; Photo via David McNew/Getty)