When we think of the words 鈥淐hristmas鈥 and 鈥渓ist鈥 together, we usually think of jolly old Saint Nick prepping his naughty-or-nice list. And then we think of our own Christmas lists 鈥 the ones with 鈥渢o do鈥 written at the top 鈥 and panic a little. Some items are easy and even fun to check off the list (we love making holiday ornaments and cookies), but others are harder. Try to lighten up your productivity load by adding more fun to your list. These people on Twitter can help you out with their hilarious ideas.

(He did.)

Awww! Our hearts grew three sizes just reading this Tweet.

We highly recommend this. Reddit does the biggest one every year!

The best time to do this is Cyber Monday!

No arguments here.

While it would solve the problem of finishing the to do list, we love the holidays. Maybe we鈥檒l leave this one off our list.

Raise your hands if you鈥檝e ever done this before. No? Just us?

It鈥檚 called Cuffing Season for a reason.

Obviously not all of these will make it onto your list this year, but try to remember that, even though the holidays can be super stressful, they really are the most wonderful time of the year.

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