When it comes to online shopping, finding your perfect fit online is always a gamble. You never quite know how the garment you’re ogling on screen will look on your body, even for the most basic of fits. Luckily, retailers have started to take note, resulting in some pretty cool digital tools that take the risk out of online shopping. Now, being matched with the most perfectly flattering pair of jeans or the best bra for your body type is as simple as plugging in your basic measurements… or reading this post!

That’s right, ladies, the team at True&Co. has partnered with us on a giveaway that showers one lucky winner with a box of five, perfect-fitting bras worth $225. More details on that in a minute. First, read on to see how they help you size up, along with a handful of other ways you can find your perfect fit online.

Fit for Me by ModCloth: ModCloth’s website already boasts a lengthy and transparent Size & Fit Guide, but they’ve taken it a giant step further with a new feature exclusive on their iOs app: Fit for Me, which helps you discover items that fit your body type based on reviews from ModCloth shoppers with similar sizing. Three cheers for crowdsourcing!

Once you’ve entered your basic measurements into the app—bra size, height, waist, and hips—it pulls a list of figure-flattering results based on thousands of detailed customer reviews. This move is not just business savvy, potentially lowering ModCloth’s return rate due to ill-fitting garments, it also fosters a more confident shopping climate among lovers of all things retro, mod, and indie. We can only wish that Urban, NastyGal, and Asos are listening up!

CurveID by Levi’s: It easily costs you upwards of $200 for a pair of jeans that perfectly fit your bottom (like so, ridiculously perfect). And while we’re big supporters of the slow clothes movement, sometimes you just don’t have the time or cash to spend on custom denim. That’s why we’re smitten with Levi’s CurveID, a system that helps women identify which pair of jeans work for their body type based on shape and not size. This is revolutionary since the CurveID collection includes personalized modifications based on your figure, like a contoured side seam if you have more defined hips or tilted pockets to flatter more robust curves.

To find your Levi’s CurveID, you take a super quick, two-part quiz that asks you to categorize your curve from waist to hip as well as the shape of your bottom, then pairs you with custom-fit jeans designed to work with your natural shape. These range from the least curvy (Slight Curve) to the most curvy (Supreme Curve). While the CurveID has had its share of controversial coverage (just how curvy is curvy anyway?), we love that America’s most famous denim brand recognizes that all bums are not created equal!

True Fit: Hold the phone: did you know that some of the biggest brands in all of the land, including inventory-rich department stores like Macy’s and Nordstrom as well as e-commerce powerhouse Gilt—use a technology called True Fit to help you buy the right size online? The game done changed! Plus, the especially cool thing about True Fit is that it doesn’t only work with women’s apparel: it works for footwear, too—currently Guess and Sperry Top-Sider have signed on, while the Finish Line is soon to follow.

The only downside to True Fit that it’s not easy to tell which items on a retailer’s website are True Fit-compatible. For instance, only Nordstrom’s online collection of dresses and jeans are synched with this program, which is still a whole lot of high-end labels. Once you find a True Fit item, you can take a 60 second quiz that asks for the basics (height, weight, age) in addition to the name of your favorite brand that retailer carries, and True Fit will recommend the size you should buy for that garment and other garments as you browse.

Fit Quiz by True&Co.: Besides having stunningly curated collections of beautiful lingerie to browse, True&Co. helps ladies find perfect-fitting bras minus the awkward measuring tape. A thorough, but hassle-free fit quiz helps you determine your unique bust shape in two minutes, then populates a personalized shop filled with quiz-compatible bras and even alternate styles you can add yourself. You even get assigned a fit expert—mine is Megan—who helps select five awesome bras for you to try on at home: you keep what you want, send back the rest, and True& Co. adjusts their picks based on your feedback.

And True&Co. takes feedback seriously. So seriously, that they started their own private label collection with their user data. Romantically called She Walks In Beauty (+ Light), the equally dreamy-looking line was created based on feedback from more than 200,000 women, resulting in a handful of luxe pieces that fit lots of body types really, really well. The collection even touts what True&Co. calls their “best bras ever”—two styles (the padded Across the Universe and lacy Made of Stars) that they say fit 8 out of 10 women to a tee. And if you ask us, those odds are pretty darn fabulous.

Speaking of odds, it’s probably time for us to tell you about that giveaway! True & Co. is giving away a box of five perfect-for-you bras to one lucky reader — valued at $225.

Now, here’s how to enter the giveaway. All you have to do is submit your name and email address and you’ll be entered to win.

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But the fab-ness doesn’t stop there! Not only is True&Co. giving away a box of five bras to one lucky reader—a value of $225—but it has yet another exclusive offer for Brit + Co. readers: just type in the promo code TRUEBRIT at checkout to receive a free panty with purchase through November 25.

How do you find the perfect fit? Got any questions about the giveaway? Give us a shout in the comments below.