Santa isn’t the only one who looks good in a red suit. It’s amazing the amount of cute that happens when you put a puppy or a baby in Santa outfit. Trust us, it’s overwhelming and worthy of all of the awws. Here are some babies (of the human and animal variety) that are giving Santa a run for his money this Christmas.


1. Campout: This baby’s got the right idea. Fall asleep next to the presents so you’re the first one unwrapping in the morning. (via @amandacharania)


2. Toy or Real?: Don’t be mistaken. This is not a stuffed animal. It’s an adorable, fluffy puppy. (via @hermosasasaa)


3. Frenchie Elves: These two stunners have the perfect ears to play the part of Santa’s helpers. (via @frenchie_twinning)


4. It Takes Two: This pair look like they already have the job. (via @hning14)


5. Pom Pomeranian: Who doesn’t love a bit of fluff in their stocking? (via @dewikarunia87)


6. Who Me?: Umm… we’re heading to the humane society ASAP to adopt one of our very own. (via @astro_gsd)


7. Lead the Way: Yorkies are little, but armed with Santa’s hood and coat, they are little winter warriors. (via @maddiegirl_yorkie)


8. Let’s Ride!: We didn’t know baby sleighs were a thing, but now that we do, we want one. (via @mollyor3)


9. Hip Hop Rudolph: With those ears, it’s actually way more believable that bunnies would be able to fly before reindeer. (via @you_are_lame_as_fook)


10. Mrs. Scottie Clause: Scottie has her own Instagram, which must be why she’s so calm while in costume. (via @scottiethegirlcat)


11. Light Lover: We’ve found the notorious Christmas Light thief of 2014, and he’s totally adorable. (via @amenle89)


12. Now Where’s My Treat?: Whoever accomplished the rare feat of getting a hat on this cat deserves a standing ovation. (via @reaper_sgh)


13. Capri Santa: We imagine when Santa hits the warmer climates, his getup might look something like this. (via @wiliannyjong)


14. Tapped Out: This is what Santa looks like after he’s been delivering presents all night. (via @charlie_d_pug)


15. Take it Quick: We’ve all seen that “Why must I wear hats for your entertainment?” look before, but we’d say this pic was worth it. (via @xmisssmjx)


16. We Can’t: And the cutest Christmas pic on the Internet goes to… (via @krissy_says_)

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