From crazy colorful Instagrams that inspire us, to capturing every special moment of your 30th birthday party, great photos go a long way. Whether you want to save your memories in a modern scrapbook or express yourself artistically with a gallery wall, these 12 photo girl essentials are where it’s at. If better photos are in the cards for you this year, read on and see what we’ve got for you.


1. Sakura Considine’s Adobe Lightroom Online Class ($39): If you’ve already got taking killer shots under your belt but aren’t quite sure about the whole editing thing, this Lightroom online class is for you. It’ll teach you everything you need to know, so you’ll be editing your way to perfect images in no time at all.


2. Lomography Lomo’Instant Camera ($119): This camera does it all: It takes great photos and also has settings that allow for some seriously creative shots. This little guy is perfect for anyone looking to take a variety of photos.


3. Photojojo Polarizer Lens ($20): Ever tried to take a photo with your phone just to be defeated by some glaring light from a source you simply can’t control? Yeah, we all have. Throw this portable lens on top of your phone lens and you’ll never be at a loss for crisp and clear photos again.


4. Impossible Polaroid 600 Camera and Film Set ($122): If you’re into instant photos that speak to a bygone era, this Polaroid set is for you! Bring this guy to a party and you’ll be the star of the evening, we promise.


5. Lomography La Sardina Camera ($179): This film camera gets its name from the similarly shaped sardine can. How great is that? Forget digital — this baby will take you back to the original zen processes of film photography.


6. Amy Tan’s Modern Scrapbooking Online Class and Kit ($49): If you want to turn your shots into memories that will last a lifetime, this modern scrapbooking class is for you. Get it with the kit and you’re all set to hit the ground running.


7. Impossible Instant Lab Photo Printer and Film Set ($193): Forget the hassle of getting to a printer: This set gives you all the essentials you need to shoot pretty, pretty pictures and print them wherever you’d like.


8. Lindsay Ostrom’s Photography for Bloggers Online Class ($29): If you’ve got a rad blog and all you’re lacking is some killer images to match, this class is the answer to your prayers. You’ll learn all the essentials necessary to take your blogging to the next image-filled level.


9. Sunnylife Bronte Underwater Camera ($20): Got a tropical vacay on the docket? Half of the fun you’ll be having will take place under water. Capture all of the memories, above and beneath the waves, with this camera that just so happens to be super, super cute as well.


10. Jenna Kutcher’s Intro to DSLR Photography Online Class ($39): Did you pick up a digital camera thinking you’d hop right on the bandwagon, only to become instantly overwhelmed by all of the knobs, buttons and settings? Yeah, we know the feeling. That’s why we’ve put this class together. It’ll guide you through all the above, and you’ll be snapping away before you know it.


11. Casetify Bluetooth Selfie Stick ($35): Selfies are basically becoming a whole field of photography. This selfie stick will keep you at the top of your selfie game with crisp, perfectly framed shots each and every time.


12. Lomography Fisheye #2 Camera ($89): 170 degrees of frame-capturing goodness is yours with this golden beauty of a fisheye camera. It also tackles long exposures, so if you’ve got dreams of capturing starry night-scapes in all their glory, you’ve found the camera for it!

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12 ways to take better photos in 2016.