A few weeks ago, we rounded up the 10 best juice cleanses you can buy online. If you haven't already purchased one of them on your own, we're going to make it even easier for you to try out your first cleanse. We've teamed up with Blueprint Cleanse to offer one lucky Brit reader TWO free 3-day cleanses!

Out of all the juice cleanses listed in that previous post, Blueprint is one that we've tried personally and really enjoyed. (Don't even get us started on how delicious Juice #6, the Cashew Milk is…it's insane.) You'll love it, too.

While juicing, one thing we find to be helpful is to have a buddy who is taking the plunge with you. They can be the person you call to dissuade you when you so desperately want to reach for a handful of french fries. (Yeah, it happens to all of us.) It's also great to have someone to talk to who can resonate with how great you're feeling as the detox kicks in.

That's why, to enter the giveaway, we are asking you to use the comments below to tell us who your buddy is and why they would be the best cleansing partner for you. Be sure to link to their Facebook page by pressing @ and then writing their name in the comment, so that they are tagged in the post. We will offer and ship both of you a 3-day cleanse of your choice.

We will select a winner by next Wednesday 2/8 at midnight PT. Find your buddy soon! We can't wait to hear about him or her.

**UPDATE: Congratulations to Anne O'Toole and Laura Miller Jasinski for winning the free Blueprint Cleanse! We hope it does wonders for you as you prepare for your big reunion together. We loved your story and will be in touch via Facebook to get your information.