This Pizza + Ice Cream Couples Costume Is for (Junk Food) Lovers
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This Pizza + Ice Cream Couples Costume Is for (Junk Food) Lovers

The great debate of which is better — pizza or ice cream — is one that plagues my particular household. My husband, David, is a firm member of the ice cream camp, while I will wholeheartedly choose pizza anytime, anywhere and at any quality level. After all, even bad pizza is better than most other things. So what’s a couple to do? Dress up as each other’s favorite junk food, duh.

For this Halloween costume, we decided to take the whole “you are what you eat” expression to another dimension, but with a twist. DIY Designer Kelly Bryden and Beauty Editor Misty Spinney transformed David into a hot slice of ‘za while I became a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Admittedly, our team’s take on ice cream has a little more in common with Nicki Minaj than Ben and Jerry, but I’m not complaining ;)

How to Make an Ice Cream Costume

Materials + Tools:

  • white dress
  • red, blue, yellow and purple fabric paint
  • white wig
  • clear headband
  • cardboard
  • off-white and brown felt or fabric
  • brown fabric marker or sharpie


1. Hot glue brown fabric on the bottom of the dress to act like chocolate sauce.

2. Use fabric paint to paint rainbow sprinkles all over the dress.

3. Use a cardboard cone wrapped in fabric to create an ice cream cone. Use a brown fabric marker or sharpie to add the waffle cone pattern to it!

How to Make a Pizza Costume

Materials + Tools:

  • cardboard
  • brown, yellow, red and green cotton fabric
  • brown, yellow, red and green felt
  • hot glue gun + hot glue


1. Cut a large piece of cardboard into two triangles. Hot glue the triangles onto brown fabric.

2. Fringe the yellow fabric and glue onto the triangle base. Top with red circles (pepperoni!) and green rectangles (green peppers).

3. Use felt and cardboard to create a smaller pizza with a missing slice as a headpiece.

Don’t just stand there — bust a move!

But wait, there’s more! Kelly, that skillful overachiever, made TWO slices of pizza. PIZZA, PIZZA! Dreams really can come true.

Two pizzas are clearly better than one. In fact, this double slice situation kind of makes me want to quit my job and start a pizza-focused two-person folk band with my husband. You know you’d see our show.

Tracks would include: Turn Down for ‘Za (to the tune of Lil Jon); Can’t Feel My Slice (inspired by The Weeknd); Back That Pizz Up (an ode to Juvenile); and Get Ur Slice On (a collab with Missy Elliott).

Where do you fall in the pizza vs. ice cream debate? What’s your favorite junk food? Hit us up on Facebook @BritandCo to let us know what you think.

DIY Production: Kelly Bryden

Hair and Makeup: Misty Spinney

Photography: Kurt Andre