If you think tossing all your groceries into the fridge willy-nilly is totally fine, think again. Your fridge is more than just a cold box for food — a little forethought and it can be a smart storage system. Lucky for you, we found the ultimate guide to organizing your fridge (and your food) from the cool kids over at Greatist to help you save energy and keep everything fresher for longer.

Here’s a cheat sheet to commit to memory ASAP:

1. Did you know you should freeze your bread, rather than refrigerate it? Sure it means spending a little longer with the toaster, but freezing is a sure-fire way to keep bread from getting stale, or worse, growing mold.

2. You can store pretty much anything in the freezer (even eggs!) just account for extra defrosting time if you do.

3. As for the fridge itself, keep condiments and other perish-resistant items in the doors, which are more exposed to warm air.

4. Keep meats, eggs, and dairy in the lower levels of the fridge, and tuck your fruits and veggies into drawers if you’re not already freezing them.

5. Stash leftovers on the top shelf so they’re at eye level and you’ll use them!

6. Cool, now let us blow your mind with what you shouldn’t refrigerate. Hard root veggies like squash, potatoes, turnips etc should be stored in a cool, dry place like a cupboard.

7. Onions, tomatoes and avocados do just fine out of the fridge, as does peanut butter and nut flours.

Now it’s time for Greatist’s infographic — feel free to Pin and/or print out and put on your fridge for your roommates or fam to start following ;)

Got all that? Ready to do a complete fridge cleaning overhaul? We sure are.

Let us know if this changes your fridge organization, or if you have any other tips for food storage!