Gardening season has officially begun, and we are all about that jungalow life. Whether you鈥檙e looking to up your indoor plant game or are down to get your hands dirty with your first veggie garden, we鈥檙e here to help you take your #plantlady status to the next level. Happy digging, all!

Nothing refreshes your home like some good lookin鈥 greenery. And with the jungalow theme trending hard RN, there鈥檚 no shortage of inspo for creating your very own lush oasis. All you have to do is hop on Instagram and embrace the clever, green-goddess ways of the #plantlady. Having mastered the art of curating swoon-worthy succulents, potted arrangements, and gorg balcony gardens, the 27 IG accounts below are sure to have your green thumb jonesin鈥 for some action.

1. @justinablankeney: The lady behind the popular greenery 鈥榞ram, @thejungalow, uses this account to share the personal side of her plant obsession. Expect to see photos of her home, family, and, of course, tons of awesome indoor spreads.

2. @devalandro: Anyone with an appetite for simplicity should click on over to witness the minimalist magic behind this account. It鈥檒l prove once and for all that fancy furnishings aren鈥檛 necessary for a majestic garden.

4. @sarahtoufali: Botanicals, boho, and black outfits are what you鈥檒l find on this NY-actress-turned-LA-lady鈥檚 page. The feed gives a taste of her awesome, signature style in one laid-back and luxe journey.

5. @labohemehouseofthewishingtrees: Wave goodbye to those winter blues with a quick scroll through this feed. You鈥檒l quickly be immersed in a world of eclectic colors, patterns, and textures 鈥 all captured by the talented eye of one stylin鈥 mama.

6. @cleverbloom: Interested in growing a leafy collection? This self-proclaimed 鈥渉ouseplant beginner鈥 is here to help. Watch and learn as she documents her adventures in gardening, which are both informative and endearing.

7. @Indianaweg: It鈥檇 be hard not to fall in love with this Netherlands-based account that chronicles the flora and fabrics of a vintage boutique. Founded by two sisters, it shows the clever ways they鈥檝e tucked plant life into all the nooks and crannies of their shop.

8. @casaverdegardener: If you鈥檙e looking for more of an #urbanjungle vibe, take a gander at this gem. From windowsill terrariums to skyscraper rooftop gardens, you鈥檒l soon discover that doing the whole city livin鈥 thing doesn鈥檛 mean sacrificing your gardening dreams.

9. @kim.wynn: This news-anchor-by-day, decor-addict-by-night keeps her life documented in one addicting account.

10. @ju_blogdecouvrirdesign: The interior designer, blogger, and jet-setter behind this page has a knack for capturing everyday moments in seriously gorg shots. Whether it鈥檚 plants or people, her subjects always find a way to strike a creative cord with followers.

11. @justbeingcon: The Minneapolis-based, plant-styling extraordinaire has a love for succulents 鈥 which is evident after a look at her account. Throw in some bright pots and vivid backdrops, and you鈥檙e left with one feed that will prob morph you into a plant hoarder too.

12. @kisforkani: If there鈥檚 one girl we wish we could be for a day, it鈥檚 this #plantlady. For now, we鈥檒l just dream and drool as she travels around her hometown of Melbourne and beyond, one fabulous flower crown at a time.

13. @herz.und.blut: Berlin-based photographer and blogger, Jules Villbrandt, gives us a taste of her contemporary aesthetic through foliage close-ups and mod interior shots. Even if you lean toward a mid-century flair, her feed will inspire some unique, *must-use* decor ideas.

14. @studioplants: Short on space? Studio dweller Jeannie gives you a real take on what it鈥檚 like to grow a garden in a teeny tiny abode. And let鈥檚 just say 鈥 she makes it look easy peasy.

15. @plantsonpink:You can practically *feel* the west coast weather as you peruse photo after photo of greenery against a variety of pink backdrops. And the best part is that the look never gets old!

16. @livingpattern: A no-maintenence way to add botanicals to your space is just one click away. The photos are full of handmade prints inspired by enchanting greenery, so you can stew on the whole jungalow thing while still having pretty plants to stare at.

17. @ihavethisthingforinterior: And so do we. This self-titled plant addict prides herself on finding spaces fully stocked with shrubbery. Coupled with her eye for vintage design, we鈥檇 let her redecorate our home any day.

18. @hunt.and.scavenge: Quirky meets charming in this collection of images that鈥檚 packed with inspo 鈥 and vegetation, obvs. Be sure to tune in daily for a constant source of green goodness.

19. @nininoes: This cool mama recently relocated to Barcelona, and is using her account to document the big transition. Plan to see lots of cute kiddos and exotic areas compiled in one glorious page.

20. @leriadyasmine: Not your typical follow, this Airbnb host goes above and beyond to make visiting 鈥榞rammers feel welcome. With palm trees, cacti, and pink fauna appearing in nearly every pic, you鈥檒l be itching to book a stay at her lavish getaway.

21. Picture *all* the shades of green curated into one account. The artist behind this lens has a knack for making masses of greenery look one-of-a-kind.

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dreamy scene via @gummergal with her lovely pink space

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22. @thegirlwiththegoldhome: From bar cart to bathroom, this stream shows us there鈥檚 no place too small to add a touch of the outdoors. Tap *follow* ASAP for a fun decorating journey with tons of glam decor.

23. @ktandbiddy: These 鈥渟ucculent sisters鈥 have elevated the traditional approach to gardening by incorporating bright vases and unique shrubbery into their endless collection of pots and plants. Plus, their pics are so lively that one scroll through the feed may just lift your mood.

24. @joelixjoelix: Here, the founder of @urbanjungleblog showcases a different side to her love of plant-life through a series of chic, light, and bright images. It鈥檒l prob leave you wondering why you aren鈥檛 beautifying your life with plants RN.

25. @still_______: Not sure where to begin? This Amsterdam photo pro has a way of making the plants themselves look so at ease that the whole gardening thing seems like a walk in the park.

26. @liz_kamarul: Pretty patterns and intricate designs make up this account that we鈥檇 consider a color-lover鈥檚 Insta-spirit animal. Insert cameos from the founder鈥檚 cute pups and you鈥檒l be following this baby for all the days to come!

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