There seems to be a hashtag for everything. Some slogans are simple fun quips while others aim to deliver a real message. The newest trending hashtag is more than catchphrase. #PlusSizePlease is taking over social media with its call for designers to make garments in sizes for every woman. This is one message we get behind.


The average woman in America is a size 14 or larger, yet only 17% of clothing sold is size 14 or larger. While some designers like ModCloth and eShakti offer many of their fun and flirty looks in plus sizes, the majority of retailers do not. Many brands that have a so-called plus-size lines offer boxier cuts in drab colors that don’t resemble their original line at all. Shoppers everywhere are finally calling stores out, all thanks to hashtag creator Sarah Chiwaya, the body positive activist behind fashion blog Curvily.


The #PlusSizePlease hashtag is most effective when used with images. The movement encourages shoppers to take a photo of the outfit they’re coveting and share it with the hashtag to let retailers know they’re losing money by not including the majority of women in their current sizes. Consumers are asked to include the store, a description of the item and the price, and to point out it isn’t available in their size. We’re hoping this sparks some long overdue changes to sizeism in the fashion industry starting with the clothing we’re seeing in stores.


Do you have a hard time finding the fashions you love in your size? Tell us about it in the comments.

(Photos via @curvily)