When we think of summer, we think of warm weather, sandy beaches and blue oceans (or blue wine) as far as the eye can see. Thinking about how cute you’d look in your fave ’90s-style bathing suit sipping on a wine slushie or adult Capri Sun of choice on an exotic island? Same. However, not all of us can run off to Hawaii at the drop of a hat. Luckily, poke bowls are a super easy way to embrace the tropical vibes right in your backyard. Not convinced? Check out these 12 poke bowl recipes that will give you all the healthy summer feels.

1. Tuna Poke Bowl: A classic poke bowl is a must-try for lunch or dinner. If you’ve never tried it before, don’t be intimidated — it’s super easy to make, and incredibly tasty to boot. (via SBS)


2. Salmon Poke Bowls With Pickled Radishes, Avocado and Spicy Ponzu: Salmon poke is a delicious alternative to tuna, and the flavorful fish packs a punch in this yummy bowl full of unexpected tastes. Can’t go wrong with avocado, amirite? (via Feed Me Phoebe)


3. Ahi Tuna Poke Quinoa Bowl: Quinoa AND tuna? Don’t mind if we do! This poke bowl with added grains makes for a seriously filling yet healthy dinner. (via I Am a Food Blog)


4. Tuna Poke Bowl Topped With Tobiko: Glam up your typical poke bowl with an easy topper. Throw in some tobiko, aka Japanese caviar, for extra fabulous flavor. (via Bon Appétit)


5. Sashimi Poke Bowl: Salmon and tuna make the perfect pair. Combine these two fish for a delicious meal, and top it off with some edamame to add a little crunch. (via Just One Cookbook)


6. Hawaiian Ahi Poke Bowl: Want to stay true to the flavor of the tuna? Then try this super easy three-ingredient appetizer perfect for your next summer dinner party. (via A Spicy Perspective)


7. Ahi Poke Bowls With Pineapple and Avocado: Summer is the season of fruit. Grab some tart pineapple and creamy avocado and toss it into your poke bowl for a sweet addition. (via How Sweet Eats)


8. Ahi Tuna Poke Bowl With Radishes and Carrots: More of a crunchy food lover? Carrots and radishes add an extra bite to your ahi tuna bowl. (via A Thought for Food)


9. Japanese Ahi Tuna Poke Bowl: Poke bowls with an Asian twist? Yes, please! Top off this bowl with some refreshing ginger and green onions for a Japanese-style snack. (via Jessica Gavin)


10. Salmon and Avocado Poke Bowl: Searching for an easy make-at-home lunch to bring to work? This is it! Combine the salmon and avocado and place it on top of a bed of rice for a meal requiring very little prep. (via Just Putzing Around the Kitchen)


11. Spicy Ahi Tuna Bowl With Cucumbers: Looking to add a little heat to your meal? Opt for a spicy ahi tuna bowl that finishes off with a cooling bite of cucumber. (via The Cozy Apron)


12. DIY Poke Bowl Bar: This is a fresh idea for your next Sunday brunch. Create a DIY poke bowl bar that allows your guests to combine ingredients into a one-of-a-kind meal that’s perfect for them. (via What’s Gaby Cooking)

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