WTF!? There Is Now a Poop-Themed Cafe
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WTF!? There Is Now a Poop-Themed Cafe

You’re a fan, I’m a fan, we’re all fans of the poop emoji. It’s hard not to feel a deep connection to that smiling-faced fecal matter when we use it more than any other visual texting aid. It just conveys so many emotions. Seoul, South Korea clearly understands the world’s odd (or is it natural?) fascination with all things adorably-presented poop because the capital city has its very own cafe centered around no. 2. After all, coffee makes you poop, so this cafe kinda makes perfect sense, no? ;)

또옹카페 aka Poop Cafe is a recently discovered cafe in Seoul that sells poop-themed food and drinks and continues that idea with various kinds of poop-themed decor. Visitors of the Poop Cafe can expect everything from an indoor tree accented with colorful poop-shaped papers featuring faces, sneakers and handwritten messages from previous visitors to toilets that have been transformed into mini gardens. Are you having fertilizer feels?!

But that’s far from the only poop-related happenings at the cafe because it’s a fecal frenzy (too far?!). Lexi, who runs the blog Seoul Searching,shared her experience at the Poop Cafe. Aside from the previously mentioned decor, Lexi also revealed more things going down at the cafe. Like shelves full of porcelain mugs decorated with painted poop, to plush, patterned poop coils dispersed throughout the spacious coffeehouse. While those pieces definitely provide the most Instagram-worthy moments, this entire cafe seems like a Insta goldmine.

As far as the menu goes, it also has plenty of fiber focused visuals to go around. For example you can drink your poop art-accented latte or a rose latte in a toilet shaped mug while chowing down on a poop scone with a side of strawberry jam that’s served in a squat toilet dish. Or step outside to the cafe’s accompanying stand for a taste of a chocolate-filled poop bread. We’re skeptical of that last one.

If you love using that poop emoji but think eating food shaped like the bowel movement is a little too weird for you, apparently it isn’t as novel of an idea in Korea as you’d think. Blogger Ken Kum Lee of Seoul State of Mind told Mashable the Poop Cafe is “seen as a normal cafe in Korea. I would say the ‘cute poop’ theme is very popular throughout Asia […] I wouldn’t say it’s pushing boundaries. I think it’s just difference in culture. I am a westerner but even it brings me a lot of laughter.”

Sooooo… who’s ready to book a ticket to South Korea for a visit STAT?! Anyone?!

Would you visit the Poop Cafe? What would you order? Above all, how many Instagram shots would you upload? Let us know all the answers in the comments.

(h/t Bustle, photos via Seoul Searching)