Let’s be real here. Not many of us can make it through the day — umm, the MORNING — without our cup of coffee. Especially when it’s chilly outside. And you’re going to need at least one cute coffee mug to carry that liquid gold to your lips. Whether you’re truly addicted to the comforting pick-me-up or you’re more of a hot cocoa, spiced cider or herbal tea drinker, here are 20 options that are just begging to be added to your mug collection.

1. Wakey Wakey Travel Mug ($12): Carry your coffee to work in these bright and cheery travel mugs.

2. All Eyes Mug ($22): This lash-y eye mug has shimmering copper accents, so it’ll perk you right up on an early morning or a lazy afternoon.

3. Live Colorfully Mug ($20): Here at Brit HQ, we live by this motto. Bring on the color, baby!

4. Happy Mug ($9): Okay, so this mug may not express how you really feel in the mornings, but it does describe how you feel when you see a hot cup of coffee.

5. Speckled Enamel Mug ($8): This part-modern, part-vintage inspired mug is so much fun. It will look just as good in your hip pad as it will around the campfire.

6. Eat Cake For Breakfast ($20): Because you should always eat cake for breakfast… with your latte, of course.

7. Gloriosa Mug ($12): If you’re a coffee mug collector, add this beauty to your collection. Heck, you should probably buy a whole set… and the same one in turquoise.

8. Custom Handpainted Mugs ($21): This is quite possibly the best IKEA hack ever. Funky Tiles on Etsy creates these cuties using IKEA’s 365+ white mug as their blank canvas, so if you’re feeling creative, whip out those paint markers and get drawing!

9. Dipped Dot Mug ($30): This speckled clay mug has a cute polka dot interior and a bright yellow handle. One-of-a-kind is an understatement.

10. Red Dog Mug Set ($40): Get matching mugs for you and your roomie. We’re loving this hot dog set.

11. Swirled Symmetry Mug ($10): Coffee lover? We feel ya. This one’ll hold a healthy serving of your favorite brew.

12. Ziggy Travel Mug ($16): Whether you need a mug for the car, your desk or for walking to and from work, there’s nothing better than a stylish and colorful cup that’ll help you sip your hot drink in style.

13. You Can and You Will Mug ($24): There’s nothing like a little motivation in the morning. Especially when it’s cold out. And snowing.

14. Lip Tease Mug ($25): If we had gold lipstick, we would kiss everything.

15. Inspirational Beyoncé Mug ($18): Unlike Beyoncé, we may not wake up like this. But similar to Queen Bey, we have 24 hours in a day. And sometimes, you just need a friendly reminder about that fact.

16. Harvard Law Mug ($16): Channel your inner Elle Woods with this Legally Blonde-inspired coffee mug.

17. Memo Notebook Mug ($15): This cutie is just begging to be written on. We’d use it for a daily to-do list courtesy of some dry erase markers!

18. Polka Dot Mug ($15): A mug covered in colorful polka dots? Don’t mind if we do…

19. A is for Awesome Mug ($7): Clearly, A is for Awesome. The proof is in the mug, folks.

20. Hot Stuff Thermal Mug ($14): Take your cup of joe to go with these adorable thermal mugs.

Which mug do you want to add to your collection? Talk to us below!