It’s only been five years since a huge earthquake and subsequent devastating tsunami hit Fukushima, Japan. The quake damaged the nuclear plant’s cooling elements, leading to three nuclear meltdowns. The quake that hit near Fukushima less than an hour ago was initially reported not to have caused any damage to the nuclear plant, but people are taking to Twitter to report that there has been damage… to the cooling system.

Reality of the tsunami disaster. The outbreak of the unprecedented Great East Japan Earthquake and tsunami

Hopefully we aren’t looking at another nuclear disaster, because the world is still dealing with the aftermath of the last one. Fukushima is now trending on Twitter and users are asking the world to #PrayForJapan, as a tsunami warning has been issued following the 7.3 magnitude earthquake.

So far there have been no deaths reported, and we are keeping the people of Fukushima and the surrounding areas in our thoughts. We hope this is over soon and that disaster can be avoided.

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(Photo via MasaoTaira/Getty)