You have some pretty exciting months ahead of you. Things are also going to get crazy busy — more frequent doctor appointments, hacking your wardrobe as your belly grows, not to mention getting the nest ready for the new arrival. When you pair that whirlwind of a schedule with the onset of pregnant brain (which we’re afraid never quite goes away), well, things can get kinda crazy. Fret not. These pregnancy apps are here to help you keep track of things and make your journey a little easier.

1. The Bump: The newly redesigned app from The Bump is flat out gorgeous. Besides including week-by-week development info and expert articles, it gives you access to their fantastic community. What is a better resource than fellow women wondering how to stop those stretch marks from getting bigger? (Free on iOS, previous version free on Android)

2. Cinemama: Keep track of that beautiful growing belly with this app created by March of Dimes. You’ll be able to make a fun keepsake video, complete with your own soundtrack. It also features a diary where you can log milestones, cravings and musings. (Free on iOS)

3. Prenatal Pilates: This cool Pilates coach addresses alignment and postural changes that occur during pregnancy. With programs targeted to each pregnancy trimester and postpartum, it’s a great tool to help get your body ready for delivery and reconnect with your body after baby arrives. (Free on iOS)

4. BabyList Baby Registry: You don’t have to stick to one registry anymore (or drive everyone crazy with four different ones). Create the ultimate baby registry by aggregating everything you need — from that cute handmade mobile you saw on Etsy to your doula. (Free on iOS and Android)

5. Glow Nurture: Just launched on July 17th, this newborn app is the stunning follow up to Glow’s fertility and period tracking app. It’s a beautifully designed pregnancy companion with tons of useful info. Keep track of everything from baby’s size to doctor’s appointments or even kegels performed. (Free on iOS)

6. Pregnancy Food Guide: You’ve got the basic blacklisted items covered (see ya later, dear Brie!), but this handy app will help you navigate the foods you’re unsure about, as well as give you lots of great info about nutritional benefits and help put shopping lists together. ($4.99 on iOS, on sale for $0.99 on Android)

7. Sprout Pregnancy Essentials: A physician-recommended app that aims to be a personalized guide to your pregnancy, Sprout is packed with advice from moms and obstetricians on everything from hospital bag checklist to baby’s development. It allows you to choose a name to track your baby’s progress in the womb and provides gender-specific information and images. ($3.99 on iOS.)

8. My Contractions: As the big day gets close, you may start feeling contractions. Wait, are those real? What was that about Braxton Hicks? This tool will help you keep track of what’s going on and show your progress with lovely graphics and charts. (Free on iOS, similar app free on Android)

9. Houzz Kids’ Rooms: Are you obsessed with Houzz? We hear you. Now you can have some fun with their kid-centric app and plan every aspect of baby’s room. Get inspired with design advice from the pros to create a magical space for your wee one! (Free on iOS)

10. Baby Names: You may spend hours on this one. With popularity archives dating to the 1880s (back when John and Mary where #1), this is as close to a baby name encyclopedia as it gets. Search by origin, get meaning info and keep track of your favorites. (Free on iOS and Android)

What pregnancy app can’t you live without? Tell us, tell us!