It’s a tale as old as time: Buy IKEA furniture, get tired of furniture, hack IKEA furniture. There are about a million hacks for covering up those stumpy legs — gold spray paint hacks, neon hacks or color-dipped — but in the end you’re always left with the same chunky block legs that can slightly ruin the look of a decent piece of furniture. Fortunately, there is a company that understands spray paint is not always a satisfactory “hack.”


Prettypegs has designed several lines of stylish and customizable legs that fit all the bases of your IKEA furniture. From funky to retro, the possibilities are endless, especially when you get to pick the color. Think of all the pieces you can completely personalize just by swapping out the legs. Whether you need to jazz up your sofa, chair, bed or console, Prettypegs has over 60 unique options to choose from.


Customization options like this make it far more appealing to splurge on larger pieces of furniture when you know you can get sofa legs that don’t look like they were made from a two-by-four Whether you’re going for mid-century chic or something a little more quirky and boho, you’ll definitely find the perfect pair of legs to go with your dependable IKEA furniture.


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