Instagram is a treasure trove to find all sorts of tattoo inspiration, such as blackout tats, tiny tats and sibling tats. That last one is something that’s been recently trending, and now Paris and Prince Jackson, children of Michael Jackson, have gotten on board with the trend, reports Entertainment Tonight.

Paris got inked earlier this week in celebration of her 18th birthday, and older brother Prince returned with her to Timeless Tattoo in Hollywood, California to get an image done of Egyptian god Anubis, god of the afterlife. While the siblings didn’t get matching or coordinating tattoos, they are definitely demonstrating how powerful of a bonding experience getting ink together can be.

While they were there, Paris decided to add a blue lotus in honor of her grandmother, Katherine, to the phrase she got earlier this week, “Queen of my Heart,” which was a nod to a letter her father wrote her. The caption earlier this week explained that while everyone knew Michael Jackson as the King of Pop, she knew him solely as the “King of my Heart.” All the feels.

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