When it comes to hip restaurants, there are three categories of places to consider: There are top-of-the-line establishments, chic celeb-owned restaurants, and — the trendiest of the trendy — there are pop-ups. Much like mermaid cafes, these restaurants tend to come and go, and they aren’t around for long. And the must-see pop-up on our list this September is… wait for it… A POP-UP PUG CAFE in London.

If you’re going to be around Shoreditch come September 9, you’ll want to head to The Book Club to enjoy this most ingenious idea. Not only will there be pugs literally EVERYWHERE, but both you and your pup (if you bring one), will get to enjoy the finest selection of human and doggie treats. Pet fare can be found at “The Barkery” (cute, right?), while humans can nom on some of the best cheesecakes and cupcakes around.

Outsider Tart is the spot where this fur fest is going to be held. Pugs of all shapes and sizes are welcome, including pug mixes. But getting a spot isn’t guaranteed. It’s recommended to like the pop-up’s Facebook page so that you’ll receive a notification when tickets go on sale on July 30.

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