You know those moments when you’re so busy you wish you had an extra hand to reply to a text that you couldn’t get to all day? Or maybe while you’re cleaning around the house and your phone is blasting music waaay too loud, but you don’t want to touch it with dirty hands? With Qmote, you won’t need to use your elbows to do those things for you anymore.


Qmote is a single button remote that can open phone apps, control your smart home gadgets, help you locate your phone and practically anything else you can image. Seriously, if you can IFTTT it, you can Qmote it. And if you can’t IFTTT it, just configure specific click patterns within the Qmote app (iOS and Android). You can have a single click turn off your alarm that’s across the room or you can hold down your Qmote to activate Siri.


Using Bluetooth Low Energy, Qmotes are easily paired to your phone via the app, or even to your laptop. Qmotes are compatible with Windows and Mac devices and can be used to flip through powerpoint presentations. As for its IFTTT feature, you can use it to control your Nest or WeMo smart home devices and add a little more everyday convenience to your life. Qmote will also continue to be compatible with prospective IFTTT appliances so you can freely switch up your smart-home gear.


Qmotes are water resistant — so if your hands are wet, but you want to use your phone, you totally can. Keep in mind though, water resistance doesn’t mean you can go swimming with it ;)


Qmote is currently on Kickstarter, and you can get one for free with any purchasing pledge. Simply share the Kickstarter page and you’ll be getting two Qmotes with a $19 pledge. Now, time to pick colors. Two Golden Amber ones or one Gray Obsidian and one Golden Amber? Decisions, decisions…

What will Qmote simplify for you? Any IFTTT ideas? Talk to us in the comments below!