Name: Rachel Schwartzmann

Job/Company: Founder, CEO, and Creative Director of The Style Line

Brief description of what you do in your role:

The Style Line is a growing global platform which aims to inspire discovery abroad and also foster an appreciation for what’s in our own backyard. We do this through telling stories in which we discover, get to know and maintain relationships with people and places through a creative lens. I started the company as a blog on tumblr in 2011 and decided to relaunch the site and pursue it full time in the summer of 2013. The concept and even the name itself was inspired by the idea of movement and exploration — similar to the movement of a train — the idea was to have our stories travel through communities on a global scale, “stopping” in each place to tell the story and showcase the style of that respective neighborhood.

As an entrepreneur, my role is all-encompassing. I wear many hats, and by dipping my toes into every facet of my business I’ve learned to assess my strengths, acknowledge my weaknesses, and enjoy every moment of a very constantly jam-packed schedule. In a nutshell, my day-to-day changes and generally includes a ton of emails, coffee-shop hopping, on-location story shoots, meetings of all kinds, writing and editing. I do it all and I’m learning to do it well.

What are you wearing?

Hat: Club Monaco

Skirt: Club Monaco

Black knit turtleneck: And Other Stories

Flats: And Other Stories

Earrings: Melissa Joy Manning Hug

Bracelet: David Yurman

Ring: Catbird Lovecats

Assorted vintage jewelry


Why does it make you feel powerful?

As a girl(boss) on the go I’ve learned just how important it is to bridge fashion and function. In this particular look I feel powerful because I feel comfortable. My style has definitely matured over the years, and I’m now drawn to structured silhouettes that can serve as closet staples for years to come. The real fun comes in playing with different prints and textures and I’d say now my style is “tailored with a twist.” However, I feel the most powerful when I’m wearing the pieces from individuals and brands we feature on The Style Line. My style is now directly linked to our commitment to communal sustainability. I make a sincere effort to mostly shop the brands we have relationships with or identify with most.

Any advice for dressing when you don’t have an office?

Introduce yourself to flat shoes, phone/computer chargers, and an appetite for coffee. These guys will be your best friends!

What’s your go-to power outfit? Drop a line in the comments below.

This was originally published on LevoLeague by Erica Murphy