The Internet has been freaking out over the newest makeup trend to pop up this season. We鈥檙e not talking about metallic lips or face gloss 鈥 let鈥檚 just say it鈥檒l definitely match your Lisa Frank-inspired makeup. Meet rainbow eyelash extensions. Gone are the days when wearing blue eye shadow was considered a middle school beauty misstep. Trend forecasters are saying that now is the time to go all out with colorful eye makeup, and that includes next-level lashes. Here are some of the most eye-catching ways to wear the rainbow trend.

1. Mascara: Some beauty enthusiasts are making their own rainbow mascara to recreate the ROYGBIV lash look. You can do this by wetting a mascara wand and dipping it in multi-hued eye shadows.

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2. Extensions: If you鈥檙e willing to make a more long-term commitment, extensions might be the best option for you. We love that these lashes leave the base natural and turn into rainbow colors as they get longer.

3. Long Rainbow Lashes: Eyelash extensions can do one of two things 鈥 make your eyelashes longer or make them thicker. Rainbow extensions look especially stunning with more length. Make sure your aesthetician knows you want more length before you go to your appointment.

4. Thick: If you go with a mascara, eye shadow or eye paint, use the product in multiple applications to ensure the pigment will stay bright all day. This look from makeup artist Nikki is simply eye-popping.

5. Vibrant: We love this look because of its subtle yet impactful effect. It鈥檚 like getting highlights for your lashes!

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6. Bold Eyeliner and Lashes: Rainbow lashes provide so many opportunities to play with the other aspects of your eye makeup. Switch it up by matching your eyeliner and shadow to the lashes for a double rainbow effect.

7. Blue: Not ready to go full-on rainbow just yet? Choose one color and try a monochromatic look, like these blue ombre extensions.

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