Last spring, Emma Stone introduced us to the daring (and darling) faux freckles makeup trend. That was all well and good, but considering 2015 was the year of rainbow hair, it only makes sense that the next iteration of the look comes with a colorful update. Introducing: rainbow freckles.


The idea is simple: Trade that natural eyeliner you were previously using to give yourself sunkissed freckles for one that offers up a more vibrant shade — maybe even one that matches whatever crazy rainbow hair color you’re currently sporting.


But even if you’re rocking natural locks, the look can be just as stunning. Obviously, it might be a bit much for your standard Tuesday, but it could make for a super chic alternative to the face painting that’s always popular at summer music festivals. It’s fun, it’s easy and it makes just enough of a statement.

To copy this look, B+C beauty editor Beth Wischnia recommends using Wet n’ Wild’s MegaLiner Liquid Eyeliner ($2) in one of the many bright shades it comes in. Makeup artist Dominique Ldr (the purple-haired lady pictured above) created a video tutorial explaining how to achieve her look. She actually uses liquid lipstick as opposed to an eyeliner. Looks like an afternoon makeup experiment may have just been added to this weekend’s schedule.

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(Photos via @dominqueldr)