Sometimes all a recipe needs is a secret ingredient to make it go from okaaay to incredible. It’s easy to stick with the traditional (aka boring) way of making some dishes, but why not try and be more adventurous with your cooking? Amp up your meals by trying out one or more of these 21 recipes containing the most random secret ingredients you would never even think to use.

1. Avocado Chocolate Truffles: Chocolate and avocado? Random but also GOOD. (Photo via Emily Hu)

2. Waffle Pizza: We can’t believe we didn’t think of this sooner. This might be making an appearance in our weekly rotation. (Photo via Phoebe Melnick)


3. Potato Chip Cookie Bars: This sweet treat is your elementary school dream come true. (Photo via Julia Murphy)

4. Avocado Ice Cream: We put it in everything else, so we might as well add it to our ice cream, right? (Photo via Hannah Lin)

5. Diet Coke Drumsticks: Say hello to this chicken lickin’ craziness. (Photo via Fei Huang)

6. Pizza Croutons: These cheesy bites will bring your salad to the next yummy-gooey level. (Photo via Abby Wang)

7. Pine Needle Cookies: TOTALLY random, but we’re sure there’s some good nutritional value in these bad boys. (Photo via Abigail Chen)

8. Ice Cream Bread: The two best foods on earth combined into one chocolatey loaf. (Photo via Rachel Lee)


9. Vodka Pie Crust: A little indulgent? Maybe. Super delicious? Most definitely. (Photo via Paige Delany)

10. Kale + Turkey Meatballs: Looking for a little more leafy greens in your life? Sneak in that kale without anyone knowing. (Photo via Tiffany Zau)

11. 2-Ingredient Banana Pancakes: These ‘cakes are perfect for those mornings when you can’t get out of your PJs and head to the store. (Photo via Zoe Zaiss)

12. Pepperoni Chips: Chips made out of meat? #Genius (Photo via Anna Polovick)

13. Flavored Skittles Vodka: Taste the rainbow — responsibly, of course ;) (Photo via Sarah Strong)

14. Sprite Pancakes: Get that refreshing citrus soda flavor on your breakfast plate with this easy-peasy recipe. (Photo via Dylan Barth)


15. Pizza Bread Pudding: Could it get any better? We think not. (Photo via Alex Furuya)

16. Cauliflower Tortillas: Say bye bye to all those gluten-free tortillas that are reminiscent of cardboard. These cauliflower ones are simply delish. (Photo via Maris Altieri)

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17. Beer, Pretzel + Sausage Mac and Cheese: Need we say more? (Photo via Alex Vu)


18. Diet Coke Brownies: Chocolatey, bubbly goodness FTW. (Photo via Marykate Surette)

19. Pineapple S’mores: Gimme gimme s’more of this tropical-inspired treat. Who needs chocolate anyways? (Photo via Sarah Silbiger)

20. Coconut Oil Banana Bread: Sorry, Gma, our recipe is better. (Photo via Becky Hughes)

21. Soda Cake: It’s like a delicious science experiment in a mug. But you can EAT it. (Photo via Paolo Cuyno)

Have any other secret ingredients you’d like to share? Let us know in the comments!