From food to beauty products, there is literally a subscription box out there for everyone. But what if you don’t want nail polish or chocolate? No worries! If your tastes are a little more eclectic, then you’ll love this collection of unpredictable boxes. We’ve found subscription options for your kids, for your sexy, scandalous adventures and even for your pets! So start subscribing and unleash a stream of monthly joy for every member of your family.

1. Barkbox ($18/month and up): Even your little buddy deserves a monthly treat! And part of the proceeds of this subscription go to help doggies-in-need, so it’s totally a win for everyone.

2. Powell’s Indiespensable ($39/volume): With this subscription service, Portland’s famous Powell’s delivers the best new books, with special attention to independent publishers and signed first editions. Plus there are always a few fun Portlandia-themed surprises thrown in!

3. Groovebook ($3/month): Finally, a brilliant way to get all those fabulous pictures off your phone and into your hands! For just $3 a month you’ll get a beautiful photo book delivered to you with 100 of your favorite photos.

4. Holstee ($7/month): Start each month with a bit of artistic inspiration! With each box you’ll get a letterpress printed card and a pre-stamped envelope, so you can share the love even after you’ve opened the package.

5. Stack ($10/month and up): Start broadening your horizons with a subscription to independent magazines. You’ll get a selection of high quality mags that you may have never discovered on your own, but you’re sure to enjoy and learn from all of them.

6. ProFlowers ($500/year): You shouldn’t have to wait for a special occasion to give or receive flowers, and this monthly subscription will brighten anyone’s day with fabulous, seasonal bouquets.

7. Quarterly ($50 and up): Quarterly allows you to subscribe to celebrity curators and receive actual items from a variety of categories, from health and beauty to tech and literature.

8. Umba ($50/month): Support artists and makers from around the world with a subscription to this box that delivers handmade items including home goods, women’s accessories, jewelry, stationery and bath products.

9. Hammock Pack ($25/box): A surprise pack filled with everything you need for a getaway without ever leaving your home. Geared toward women, each box is filled with a mix of food, bath products, housewares and accessories you’d only find while visiting a specific city.

10. Fancy ($40/month): Think Pinterest, but where you can buy everything you like. Fancy allows you to browse various vendors and friends, and then create boards that interest you. Once a month you’ll receive a socially curated box with goodies from your selected category.

11. MoviePass ($30/month): MoviePass is a theatrical subscription service that allows you to see a new (2D) movie every 24 hours for a monthly fee. Just download the app and check into your local movie theater to activate your membership card.

12. Manpacks ($14 every 3 months): Everything manly from underwear to deodorant, shaving supplies, vitamins and skin care is provided in these boxes that make being a well-groomed man easier than ever.

13. Dollar Shave Club ($1/month and up): No more over-paying for fancy shave tech or forgetting to buy blades. Just select one of their three great razors, pay a monthly fee and they’ll be sent right to your front door.

14. Kiwi Crate ($20/month): Get a monthly crate delivered to your door filled with fun, hands-on activities for your kiddos. Boxes include arts + crafts projects and science activities that are designed for kids ages 3-8.

15. BlushBox ($24/month): Embrace your sexy side with a curated box of fun and sultry surprises to keep you up-to-date on the hottest trends and to makeover your intimate wardrobe.

16. S.E.R.E Box ($39/month): If you take emergency preparedness super seriously, this is the box for you. SERE stands for Store, Equip, Rescue, Escape, and this is a monthly box of survival gear to make sure you and your family ready for any disaster or threat.

17. Citrus Lane ($29/month): Kids subscription boxes make great gifts for new parents. With Citrus Lane, you get a box of age-appropriate toys and healthy snacks for your little one, especially perfect for babies, toddlers and preschoolers.

18. Hello Flo ($16 to $21/month): For reals, you can get a handy box in the mail with all the provisions you need to make it through “that time of the month”every month. We’re talking organic tampons, treats just for you — the whole shebang. Maybe having this to look forward to will make it all a little more manageable?

19. The Honest Company ($36/month): We are huge fans of Jessica Alba’s all-natural baby product company. With this subscription, you can treat yourself or a friend to monthly packages of botanical body care and non-toxic cleaning essentials.

20. Art In A Box ($50/month): Become a connoisseur of the arts with this classy box! Just give the company three adjectives to describe your art taste, tell them what media you like and decide which months you would like to receive your boxes, and then each month of your subscription you will receive an original work of art delivered to your doorstep. Decorating has never been easier!

Which of these creative subscription boxes would be the best to get every month? Let us know in the comments below!