As Hurricane Harvey continues to wreak havoc on Texas, Western states are also experiencing a weather crisis with a potentially record-breaking heat wave underway. Temps are set to hit (and even surpass!) 100 degrees, making for conditions that can pose some serious health risks, as Real Housewives of Orange County star Shannon Beador found out first-hand.

The 53-year-old was driving her daughter Sophie to the DMV to take her driver’s license test when she suffered a major health scare. The reality TV star shared the details of her medical crisis, which included bleeding from the nose and eyes (!!) over on Instagram.

“Poor Sophie. I feel horrible for traumatizing her today,” she wrote. “Was driving with Sophie to the DMV this afternoon so she could finally get her license and my nose started to bleed. Then it started gushing out of my nose, down my throat, and out of my left eye. Sophie had to call 911. I was sitting in the DMV parking lot with blood spewing out everywhere.” Um, that sounds beyond terrifying.

Luckily, after seeing doctors, the mom of three was able to confirm that “everything is ok now.” Apparently, the bleeding was most likely caused by “the dry weather.” It makes sense, given that “dry, hot, low-humidity climates, which can dry out the mucus membranes,” is actually one of the most common causes of nose bleeds.

All’s well that ends well: Despite all the trauma, the reality star happily announced that Sophie passed her test and got her license! “I made Sophie stay at the DMV and had someone meet her so she could still get her license,” the mother of three wrote. Beador even had the good humor to make a joke, adding, “And then thought it was ok to drive home and take her sister out for ice cream without asking. Car rules are being laid down tonight!”

We’re so glad you’re okay, Shannon!

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