It’s here — the most firecrackin’ day out of the whole year. Today, you can find us at home, painting our nails for the occasion and baking up a red, white and blue storm to celebrate our nation’s independence. That’s right — we’re comin’ for ya, you crazy cool American flag pie!

For all of you out there feeling extra patriotic this week, like we are, here are some yummy and festive 4th-of-July-themed sweet treats. We wish you the happiest of 4ths, filled with good friends, good friend, exceptional fireworks and good ol’ fashioned American fun!

1. Lemon Cream Pie: So… that pie we were talking about? Here it is in all of its glory. (via Brit + Co)

2. Patriotic Ice Pops: What better way to cool off on the 4th of July than with a patriotic popsicle? These refreshers are made with fresh fruit and yogurt. (via Brit + Co)

3. Red, White and Blue Ice Cream Cake: Have you ever seen a lovelier ice cream cake? Because we haven’t! (via Gourmet)

4. Red, White and Blue Cake Batter Popcorn: Red, white and blue sprinkles make this snackable popcorn a wonderfully festive sweet treat. (via The Lady Behind the Curtain)

5. Pretzel Sparklers: Throw back to the days of youth with these white chocolate and M+M’s pretzel sparklers! (via Our Best Bites)

6. Red, White and Blue Cake Pops: These confetti cake pops make an adorable dessert bouquet perfect for any Independence Day shindig. (via Eclectic Recipes)

7. Homemade 4th of July Candy Corn: That’s right. You’ll never have to buy candy corn from the store again! (via Taste and Tell)

8. Red, White and Blue Ice Cream Sandwiches: Add some sprinkles to your cookie mix to make these melty funfetti ice cream cookie sandwiches. Please excuse us while we lick our fingers… (via The Benson Street)

9. Firecracker Cupcakes in a Jar: These one-jar cupcakes are completely adorable. Let’s make them for every holiday! (via One Cup Connection)

10. Chocolate-Dipped Oreo American Flag: Very few things in this world are as amazing as chocolate-dipped Oreos. Just add some food dye and white choco stars, and you’re all set for the 4th! (via The Pink Flour)

11. Rice Krispie Treat Cake: Wrap your Rice Krispie cake in stripes and stick it with stars for a simple yet creative Independence Day dessert. (via Anders Ruff)

12. Ice Cream Sandwich Popsicle: Short on time? No problem! Pre-made ice cream sandwiches, popsicle sticks and red and blue M+M’s are all you’ll need for a fun, 4th-themed sweet treat. (via The Winthrop Chronicles)

13. ‘Murica Cookies: U.S.A! U.S.A! (via Somewhat Simple)

14. 4th of July Cupcakes: Don’t be shy. Bite into these bad boys and release the red, white and blue! (via Julep)

15. Vanilla Bean 4th of July Donuts: We’ll take any excuse to eat donuts, really. (via A Pumpkin + A Princess)

16. Jell-O Shots: Bottoms up! It’s the freakin’ Fourth of July! (via Brit + Co)

17. Ombre American Cake: And go on. End the day’s festivities with a large slice of good ol’ ombre American cake — because you can. (via Brit + Co)

What are you cookin’ up this 4th of July? Tell us in the comments below!