We know you love your Prosecco any way you can get it — Ginger Prosecco, Diet Prosecco, and even Prosecco-flavored nail polish — it’s ALL good. But if you’ve been feeling like your drink could use a little added kick, some extra flash, or a whole lotta shimmer, then you definitely need to check out this fabulous Rose Gold Prosecco Glitter.

Processo glasses

Granted, there’s nothing wrong with good ol’ Prosecco on its own, but who could resist adding some glitz to their wine glass when the opportunity presents itself? That’s why we’re loving the thought of the Raspberry Shimmer Popaball for Prosecco ($10) from the UK’s Lakeland. Apparently made up of pink powder and little heart-shaped flakes of gold-leaf, it dissolves in sparkling drinks and gives them an iridescent finish, as well as adding a raspberry flavor and pink shimmer. It’ll totally class-up your drink in a completely kitschy way.


Though if raspberry isn’t your flavor of choice, you can also try Cherry Shimmer Popaball for Prosecco or Strawberry and Peach Popaball Bursting Bubbles and even Blueberry and Lemon Popaball Bubbles for Gin. Each sounds delightfully decadent in their own way.

The only problem for us Prosecco-lovers in the US is that it’s not currently available for international shipping. We may have to ask a UK-based friend to fly some over for us ASAP.

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(h/t Bustle; photos via Kris Connor/Getty)