They’re like peanut butter and jelly. Or Oreos and milk. Salt and pepper just go together. We find them on just about every table in the country, hanging out, making food taste better and all that jazz. Except for some tables that are afraid to harbor the classic duo because they can’t stand the plastic diner shakers. Fortunately for them, there are so many chic options to store those essential dinner seasonings. Let us prove our point with these 18 salt and pepper shakers.

1. Technicolor Salt and Pepper Shakers ($30): Kate Spade is definitely a girl after our own heart. Let’s put as much color as possible on such a simple household object and make it fabulous.

2. Mr. and Mrs. Muse Shakers ($48): It’s an art piece. It’s a conversation starter. It’s a set of salt and pepper shakers.

3. Rocking Bird Shaker Set ($19): Rockabye birdy, on the table top. When the wind blows, the salt, it will drop.

4. Pebble Salt and Pepper Shakers ($58): Salt and pepper coming from stones? It’s dinner time magic.

5. Modern Salt and Pepper Shakers ($15): These classy shakers come in gold or silver, making them perfect for the holidays, birthdays and Mondays.

6. Bali Salt and Pepper Shakers ($12): Finally, “the elephant in the room” will no longer refer to your uncle Burt’s toupee.

7. Santorini Salt and Pepper Shakers ($48): Named after the Greek island, these bright shakers are perfect for seasoning your lamb and your gyros and everything in between.

8. Geo Salt and Pepper Shakers ($19): If you ever question what kind of shakers to put on your table, just remember geo and metallic are always a winning combination.

9. Daisy Place Salt and Pepper Shakers ($30): By the coloring, it should be pretty clear which is pepper and which is salt, but just in case you get confused, the reverse side of these shakers state the obvious.

10. Banana Salt and Pepper Shakers ($47): Did Andy Warhol design this duo or what? Be careful not to mistake these for your breakfast banana as you head out the door or you may have a salty surprise.

11. Balance Shakers ($32): Not only does this set have a salt and pepper shaker, the bottom serves as a dipping plate for those fancy olive oil creations.

12. Fox and Owl Shakers ($19): Okay seriously, are these not the most adorable shakers you’ve ever seen? We just can’t.

13. Amethyst Salt and Pepper Shakers ($115): Alright, so they might venture into our daydreaming price range, but they’re made out of real amethyst. Um, gorgeous.

14. Salt and Pepper Cellars ($60): Forget the shakers. These hand decorated cellars are perfect for glamming up any table.

15. Magical Thinking Shakers ($12): The glossy finish on these shakers will help them sparkle and shine among your delicious steaming dishes.

16. Holiday Village Shakers ($14): Over the river and through the woods, we’re taking grandmother’s house to our table.

17. Metallic Shakers: Just because you may not have the budget for fancy shakers doesn’t mean you have to be left out. A little metallic contact paper will have your diner style shakers looking fab. (via Brit + Co)

18. DIY Gold Salt and Pepper Shakers: Take a little gold leaf to the shakers that are already on your table and you’ll have all your friends asking where you bought them. (via Vitamini Handmade)

Do you have a fancy set of salt and pepper shakers? Tell us about them below!