Sam鈥檚 Club will release a new mermaid cake to celebrate summer starting July 20, and it鈥檚 excuse enough to host a mermaid-themed party before the season ends. The three-layer cake (available in chocolate or vanilla) serves a whopping 66 people and yet only costs $70. Read on to dive into the details鈥

The bottom layer looks like colorful mermaid scales; the second layer鈥檚 covered in rainbow sprinkles and bubbles; the top layer鈥檚 decorated with sea plants made from icing; and the whole thing is crowned with a sparkly plastic mermaid tail to add an extra splash of celebration. If you won鈥檛 think you鈥檒l make it through that much delicious pastry at your party, Sam鈥檚 Club also sells a two-layer version that serves 46 people and costs $37.

Turning on your oven and baking is basically a death sentence when it鈥檚 hot and humid out, so finding a colorful, unique, and totally Instagrammable store-bought cake at an affordable price is like the holy grail of entertaining. Life is serious enough, so why not play with your food?

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(Photos via Sam鈥檚 Club)