With a new season fast approaching, we’re ready for a little change decor-wise. The easiest way to get there? A little bold + beautiful color, of course. In honor of September’s birthstone, Sapphire, we are bringing you our favorite deep blue decor ideas. From velvety goodness to shibori and dip dye awesomeness, these beachy, boho ideas will add that cool, chic vibe to your home.

1. Velvet Couch: Oh sweet, sweet velvety goodness. A sapphire couch like this one would amp up any room. Pair it with whites and golds for a nautical-chic look that is both modern and classic. (via PopSugar)

2. Rug: A sapphire-hued rug will bring major cool factor to your entryway or living room. Just add natural wood furniture and accents for the ultimate beachy-boho vibe. (via Design Hunter)

3. Tufted Headboard: Bring that calm and peaceful color to the place where you rest your head. We wouldn’t mind cozying up next to this plush, tufted beauty. (via Emily Henderson)

4. Lampshade ($118): Wild horses couldn’t keep us away from this bold blue lampshade.

5. Campaign Bar ($1595): Talk about our dream bar. While this one costs a pretty penny, we’re pretty sure it would be a relatively simple DIY.

6. Sapphire Matting: Plain ol’ gallery walls are so 2014. Mix things up and add color with some fabric-wrapped matting. (via Design Sponge)

7. Shibori Tile: Shibori tile FTW. These would also look super rad as floor tiles for a serene, river-like bathroom. (via Remodelista)

8. Pretty Quilt: Is your bedroom in need of a change? Pretty up your bed with a new and blue quilt. (via Anthropologie)

9. Shibori Statement Chair: This chair is *almost* too pretty to rest your tush on. With one of our indigo Brit Kits, this could be an easy DIY. (via House Beautiful)

10. Moody Blue Walls: Blue walls add a mystical touch to any living room or bedroom. It looks perfect with fun accent touches like gold polka dots and plush white blankets. (via Chic Deco)

11. Dip Dye Art: We can’t get enough of this trend. Furniture, textiles, clothes and art — bring it on! (via Rebecca Judd Loves)

Do you have any sapphire hues in your home? Looking to add any of these to your space? Let us know in the comments below.